Hyundai to Launch Standalone Luxury Genesis Brand

Hyundai to Launch Standalone Luxury Genesis Brand

A report by Reuters is hinting that Hyundai will officially spin off its Genesis model into a whole brand of luxury vehicles.

The lineup is expected to consist of the current Hyundai Genesis, a renamed version of the Hyundai Equuis and an upcoming mid-sized crossover. Such a brand would be similar to how Toyota created its Lexus luxury brand, or Honda and its Acura counterpart.

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The official word is expected sometime today or tomorrow, but the report suggests that the move isn’t a unanimous decision, with US executives not sold on the move. Cars will still be sold at Hyundai dealerships, rather than a standalone dealer.

The Korean automaker had been avoiding making this move for years, but the strong Korean won and the pressure of foreign luxury brands being sold on home soil is helping influence the decision now.

[Source: Reuters]

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  • smartacus

    i can’t help but wonder if they can develop AWD and Lexicon high fidelity audio system
    for a Genesis Edition of the Azera.

  • johnls39 .

    If they do create a Genesis brand, kind of make sense to move the Azera under the Genesis luxury brand and move the car slightly upmarket. It is a nice looking car no one seems to be paying any attention to.

  • bd

    No – Hyundai just needs to make the next Azera roomier (really not much roomier than the Sonata) and maybe add AWD but should remain Hyundai’s Avalon, Impala, Taurus, etc. competitor.

    The Genesis brand should remain RWD and not sell “tarted up” FWD models.

  • johnls39 .

    Yeah, I see what you are saying. They need a small rear-wheel drive model to lure buyers to the brand. Having two cars similar in size like the Azera and Genesis could be disastrous with one another.