Mazda RX-Vision Concept Previews Rotary Revival


Mazda is planning to revive the rotary engine and it will happen in style.

Debuting at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show, the Mazda RX-Vision concept previews the Japanese automaker’s plans to not only bring the rotary engine back into its lineup, but to build a successor worthy of the RX nameplate. The stunning sports coupe on display in Tokyo features a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive setup that fittingly looks like an evolution of previous RX body styles. Naturally, it’s packed to the brim with the brand’s Kodo design language from bumper to bumper, resulting in a modern rendition of the iconic RX-7 and RX-8.

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The company is calling its next-generation rotary engine the SkyActiv-R, but details are scarce at the moment. The Japanese automaker was firm in saying that it is moving forward with development of a new rotary engine, but as of now, its displacement and the number of rotors Mazda plans on using is unknown.

Mazda did give some good news, however, saying that the “RX-Vision represents a vision of the future that Mazda hopes to one day make into reality; a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car with exquisite, Kodo design-based proportions only Mazda could envision, and powered by the next-generation Skyactiv-R rotary engine.” We can only hope it’ll be sooner than later.

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  • Harry_Wild

    I think Mazda has re-hash this rotary engine into concept PR for since the RX8 was discontinued? 2008? Mazda has never again made a RX9! Not only that; they discontinued the MazdaSpeed6 and still never made another one either! Mazda is following the Honda U.S.A marketing approach these days: advertise performance and style; but deliver models with the lowest horsepower and torque in it class!

  • Jim Farnsworth

    Gorgeous! This old dog likes the long low front, cabin properly located towards the rear. The roof line sloping all the way to the rear cut off, no ambiguous horizontal lip. Nice styling on the side. Modern but classic. Now for the power plant, an inline six slanted enough to accommodate the hood line turboed to give prodigious low end torque yet able to howl at 8K. Rotary, smotary!

  • Jim Mc Cool

    Bring it on. It’s beautiful.

  • Yoo Jastle

    looks like a slimmed down amg gt.

  • BadNews

    Yeah, but they are also one of the most reliable and fun to drive in its class.

  • John Lock

    My son had a 7 that delivered 695 horses to the ground. Super fast. However the rotary needs a lot of maintenance . . expensive and engine goes away if you do not do the work.

  • Chris

    wow, that’s ugly. With all the attractive cars they have been bringing out, they really missed the mark with this.

  • zoomzoomjeff

    From a style point, absolutely stunning!! I can see bits of an old Toyota 2000 GT in there, but still angular, yet compound curves from traditional Mazda styling.

  • Eelbot

    If you don’t think this car is absolutely gorgeous, you’re smoking the wrong substance.

  • Chris

    The front grill looks great, but the side profile just does not do it for me. It’s too … bland. The rotary engine is compact and they have what looks like room for a v12 under that hood. roofline is too low to be usable and looks dropped on top of the rest of the car rather than part of the design. You can like it, that’s fine with me, but I hope they refine that design to be much more kinetic and have all the design elements working together to make a good car.

  • Eelbot

    I agree that it’s not very practical. You’re right that the roof is likely too low to be usable. But concept cars are not about practicality. They are meant to convey a design direction, or elicit an emotional response…sort of like automotive artwork. A car with these proportions would never make it to production. It’s still a beautiful looking car…in my opinion, of course.

  • johnls39 .

    I think it looks better than the AMG GT but of course this thing is a concept whereas the AMG GT is the opposite.

  • Phil

    absolutely stunning

    nice body shapes and admirable simplicity!! ..wins over the current busy cartoonish trend that WAY to many automakers are going for these days

    modern body shapes and simple well executed lines will prove timeless .. like that of the 3rd gen rx-7 …

  • Bug S Bunny

    Mazda, like all other OEMs, is pursuing their own strategy for meeting the silly, stupid, socialistic 2025 CAFE standards. SkyActiv is their strategy, whereas other OEMs pursue hybrids, full electrics, or diesels. One of the drawbacks of SkyActiv is lower horsepower and torque, but also reduced weight in the vehicle which mitigates the reduction in power.

  • Don

    undeniably pretty, but I hate long-fronted cars. Central or ahead-of-center seating for me.

  • octogon

    As an owner of a 2014 Mazda6…I can agree and affirm your statement!

  • octogon

    My Modified 2014 Mazda6