Millennials Show the Most Love for Their Cars: Study

Millennials Show the Most Love for Their Cars: Study

Yet another study is disproving the notion that millennials don’t like cars.

Strategic Vision has released its all-new Customer Love Index (CLI) that tracks which segment of the population loves vehicles the most along with documenting which vehicles get the most love. Millennials assigned an average CLI score of 470, compared to the rest of the individuals polled who provided an average score of 400.

The index also shows that millennials are inclined to love their small, budget-focused hatchback just as much as a luxury vehicle owner. “As new younger buyers enter any market they essentially crush hard on their choices, believing that their first love will always be their only,” reports Christopher Chaney, Senior Vice President of Strategic Vision. This phenomena is not new to young people, who throughout the generations have always felt strongly about their first car.

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Out of all the brands on the index, Volkswagen garnered the most love, although the poll was filled out before the diesel emissions scandal hit the media.

When it comes to individual vehicle love, the Porsche Macan sits atop the list with a score of 629. Second and third are taken up by the Chevy Corvette Convertible and Coupe respectively, while the Mustang Convertible and Mercedes CLA-Class round out the top five. The Mercedes S-Class, Mini Cooper Hardtop, Dodge Charger, Infiniti QX80 and Land Rover Range Rover Evoque finish off the top 10.

The score represents the level of infatuation that an owner has with his or her vehicle. One notable absence from the top of the list are hybrid vehicles, which scored even below minivans on the index.