Poll: Which Hyundai Concept Is Hotter?

Poll: Which Hyundai Concept Is Hotter?

Hyundai has been pumping out some amazing concepts lately, and here we have two of the sexiest ones the Korean automaker has unveiled recently.

You know something has shifted when the word “sexy” can legitimately be used to describe a Hyundai, and these two concepts definitely deserve it. One is the Hyundai Vision G Concept, which was unveiled this summer during the prestigious Monterey Car Week. The big grille, classy and purposeful design and super luxurious interior surprised a lot pf people when the car was unveiled and it found a lot of fans.

A bit more extreme, the Hyundai HND-9 Venace has some amazing butterfly doors and an aggressive, sporty look. If real, it would be powered by a 3.3-liter turbo V6.

Which Hyundai concept do you think is better looking? Vote in our poll below.

BUT FIRST: Read more about the Vision G here and the HND-9 Venace here

  • rbchamp

    Getting soooo tired of the fusion, mitsubishi and all the other copies out there grill. Doesn’t anyone have any fresh ideas? That one’s getting really old.

  • Kaahk

    Vision G.. classier

  • TyrantT316

    There are probably PLENTY of fresh ideas rbchamp, but they may not see the light of day because the execs above those innovators don’t let them make it out the door or into production with their limited thinking and lack of risk.