Renault Disputes Emissions Claims about its Minivan

Renault Disputes Emissions Claims about its Minivan

Fallout from Volkswagen’s ongoing diesel scandal continues to pollute the automotive industry. According to tests conducted by the University of Bern in Switzerland, a Renault minivan called the Espace catastrophically fails the European tests.

But not so fast. The French automaker issued a statement today claiming that the vehicle in question complies with applicable regulations, as do all of its vehicles.

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According to Renault, the test procedures used to evaluate the Espace are not compliant with European rules. They claim that the published report shows significant discrepancies, which are not conclusive and require additional measurements.

According to a press release, Renault is “endeavoring to fully understand the tests in detail.” The German automotive group ADAC previously evaluated the Espace minivan and found that it indeed complies with European regulations.

As details about this ongoing story emerge we’ll keep you posted.

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