RWB Porsches Take Over SEMA


The 2014 SEMA Show marked the start of a new tuning trend and at this year’s aftermarket car parts expo the fad is in full swing.

Called Rauh-Welt Begriff, or RWB for short, the Japanese tuner of retro air-cooled Porsches has now hit the tuning mainstream in America.

Helping make the push, the folks at IForged Wheels teamed up with RWB to bring a collection of five ridiculously modified P-cars to the SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

But they weren’t the only ones with an RWB car to show off.

We’ve scoured the show floor to (hopefully) snap a photo (or two) of every RWB model that made the trip to Sin City.


Porsche-911-RWB-01 Porsche-911-RWB-02 Porsche-911-RWB-03 Porsche-911-RWB-04 Porsche-911-RWB-05 Porsche-911-RWB-06 Porsche-911-RWB-07 Porsche-911-RWB-08 Porsche-911-RWB-09

  • smartacus

    how does the glass not crack from frame stress?

  • johnls39 .

    I find it a little odd that this company does not have the current generation model in the mix. Maybe they have a thing for older generation models, perhaps?