Subaru Previews Next-Generation Impreza Sedan in LA


Subaru unveiled the newest concept of its Impreza sedan, a vehicle that will ride on a modular platform. 

Right away you can tell Subaru is aiming to imbue its upcoming Impreza with a sportier edge, thanks to this concept’s leaner hexagonal grille, “menacing” hawk-eye headlights, and an aircraft inspired front end. The concept features a Ruby Red Metallic paint finish with black accents that help show off the energetic styling.

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With its 19-inch wheels that are flush with the wheel arches the Impreza Sedan Concept features a rugged, yet sporty stance. Around back, there’s a sleek trunklid that looks like it features an integrate spoiler. The taillights feature a similar aggressive design as the headlights.

It will be interesting to see if the production Impreza will feature this aggressive styling but the Japanese automaker seems interested in making its cars more exciting to look at.

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  • Jonny_Vancouver

    It looks like a Lexus.

  • The old Sarge

    I agree. I love my 2003 Lexus ES300. Only 105,000 miles on her. However, I will never take out a 66 month loan again. I will sell a kidney first.

  • lillyman01

    This should be a production car! Nothing really stands out as a concept; what I mean its ready looking production ready; if it does it will wipe the segment;# bring the Hach# wrx#sti# and STI-R.

  • Yevgeney Rusenko

    Not too impressed really. I can see this as being perfect for watering down in to a very boring production model. Will probably end up being another jelly bean.

  • Patrick Jackson

    Uh-Huh.. we know who you are subaru. the no.1 teasers in the land. beating out the Dallas cowboys and jay cutler.

  • johnls39 .

    This car looks fantastic and I hope they keep the design for actual production. If they do, the car will surely be a hit.