The New Honda Civic 1.5T is Faster Than the Old Civic Si


It looks like the 2016 Honda Civic with the new 1.5-liter turbo engine is faster than the previous Civic Si. 

Temple of Vtec user JeffX attached a VBox data recorder to a new 2016 Civic 1.5-liter turbo, which he claims had roughly half a tank of gas, and found that the car can run from 0 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and a do a quarter mile in 14.9 seconds. From 0 to 60 mph, that’s about the same as the old Civic Si, but the quarter mile comes roughly half a second faster in the new car.

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That comes as a surprise for a few reasons. First, the 2015 Civic Si makes more power at 205 horsepower and 174 lb-ft of torque, compared to the new Civic’s 174 hp and 162 lb-ft. Second, the previous Civic Si is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, while the new turbocharged 2016 Civic can currently only be had with a CVT.

Curb weight is also a factor, with the 2015 Civic Si tipping the scales between 3004-3011 pounds without a driver, while the 2016 Civc was weighed on a scale, clocking in at 2,900 pounds.

The VBox can also act as a dyno, which discovered that the new Civic turbo makes about between 164 and 166 hp at the wheels.

[Source: Temple of Vtec]

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  • johnls39 .

    Looks like the upcoming Si could be a performance monster compared to the old Si model.

  • thereasoner

    The next Si is said to be in the 240 hp range and the Type R finally coming to NA with 305 hp or atleast that’s the rumors I’ve been hearing at the Honda auto plant where I work.

    I was in the new car recently and I must say that Honda did an incredible job on the new Civic, it gorgeous inside and out. The first ever Civic designed outside of Japan and it shows its North American roots well.

  • Mike

    A CVT is a big fat NO. Look at all the problems and recalls they’ve had with the new CVT equipped Honda Fit.

  • johnls39 .

    They had a ride and drive event at the auto show earlier this month where I live and I did not get a chance to take it for the test drive. I was busy driving all the cars that I wanted to drive first but I will get a test drive next year at the auto show when it comes back to town.

  • Shiratori1


  • Craig

    I agree. But it would be a big fat NO for me even if the CVT was bullet-proof.

  • Bill Tanner

    This car instantly renders the ILX irrelevant. With so much goodness at the Honda store, I wonder how much longer Acura can survive. Are they purposely putting it out to pasture?

  • Bob Fishell

    Physics says no. The car has less HP, less torque, more drivedrain losses. I’ll wait for one of the auto rags to run it through the traps before I believe these numbers. I’ll also challenge anyone who owns this vehicle to run me in my 2014 Civic Si.

  • David Bourgeois-Théroux

    My 2012 have slight tuning and i manage 14.2-14.3 quarter miles without came thé 2.4 si really Better to tuning ! The avantage of the CVT at end is you dont need to pass gears that take Time