Top 10 Worst Ugly and Tacky Cars from SEMA 2015

Top 10 Worst Ugly and Tacky Cars from SEMA 2015

SEMA wouldn’t be complete without a few terribly tacky cars, and this year didn’t disappoint.

To be honest, expected to see a lot more awful cars at SEMA, but this year, construction took away some outside show space, and this is where the truly laughable stuff can usually be found.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you find these cars beautiful, well, then the beholder is pretty messed up. Scroll below to see‘s Top 10 worst cars of this year’s SEMA show.

10. Diseased Green Tricycle


Looking like something out of a straight-to-DVD B sci-fi movie, this green three-wheel chopper designed with some pimping underworld ruler in mind is definitely one of the ugliest things at SEMA this year. Besides looking diseased, it’s also terribly impractical. But being impractical doesn’t matter when something is this ugly.

9. Crystal Covered Porsche


How do you ruin a perfectly good vintage Porsche 356? Put thousands of crystals all over it. This is just so bad because one of the best parts of this Porsche is its light weight, which made it a great performer. When you add on a few hundred pounds of crystals, not only does it look kind of stupid, but it also makes it way too heavy.

8. Pink Lexus


Someone got the idea for this car after eating a bad burrito and chugging Pepto Bismol to fend off a bad case of the runs. Mmmm stanced Pepto Bismol.

7. Crazy Smart Car


I actually think this Smart car is kind of hilarious and cute, but being cute doesn’t make it any less ridiculous. The best part? Those flame-spitting exhaust pipes tell us that the “Electric Drive” badge on the back is probably a lie.

6. Lifted Bro Truck


Bro, do you even lift? This truck makes no sense because it’s lifted but has no more ground clearance than a suburban parent’s mall-warrior crossover.

5. Whatever This Is


We have no words.

4. Dodge Avenger?


Why is this car even at SEMA?

3. Scion Thing


This gold Scion iA won’t make you look cool. Not one bit.

2. Superman Chrysler 300

Superman Chrysler 300 at SEMA 2015

This one explains itself. Plus, look at the back side if you’re not convinced.

2015-11-04 16.21.25

1. Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet with Massive Rims


Taking the top spot for absolute worst car at the 2015 SEMA Show is this red Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet with obnoxiously massive rims. First of all, we didn’t realize people actually bought this car, and second, we didn’t realize it could get uglier than the stock version. We were so wrong.

  • Sami Haj-Assaad

    Did Lexus start a Mary Kay line too? Also that Dodge Avenger had to be a rental car. SEMA on a budget!

  • Rickers

    And here I thought the CrossCab couldn’t get any worse.

  • Felix James

    It was more sad, than bad.

  • smartacus

    tires on the crazy smart are too wide. It will traction-roll like an RC car.

  • nauticalone

    There…what Felix James said sums it up! Sad.

  • Shiratori1

    That lamborghini is DISGUSTING………

  • Mike

    I like the Smart car!!

  • johnls39 .

    The Smart and Avenger is not too bad but the rest on the list is LMAO crowd.

  • nok

    And yet the author and all the people listed talking shit have nothing of their own custom. O well NOKTURNAL WILL CONTINUE TO BE ON TOP. GOOGLE IT

  • Blacktop88

    Where do u see a lambo..

  • Jon

    You should see what they had to do to the murano’s Springs to get the wheels to fit. Check out @formuladerp instagram…

  • The horned bike looks like something Horny Mike from “Counting Cars” would do.

    That’s not necessarily a compliment.

  • Bucky Barnes

    No thanks

  • Numbers6

    Brabus has been modding Smart cars for a few years already.

  • April Lane

    An article written by someone who used only opinions and nothing factual at all. I’ll use the Porsche for example. The extra weight on the car was not “hundreds of pounds” but instead closer to 32lbs. The other fact she didn’t cite, was that the car is a replica. The author of this tasteless write up is less than qualified to post for something as amateur as even Craigslist. It’s sad that the auto guide would even allow someone to write for them without having true and factual information. Let alone a clear understanding of what SEMA displays have for intentions. Carry on though, you’re publicly wrong, in many aspects. Which happens to be worse than the grade school paper turned in to critique cars you weren’t qualified to critique.

  • April Lane


  • April Lane


  • David

    The avenger is a audio competition vehicle

  • LahLahLah

    A top 10 list- very original and creative. Is this a yearbook or a car enthusiast site? Dear Jodi- understood that you are very green; lest we remind you of the basic rules of journalism- check your facts. It looks as if you are just trying to make a name for yourself by tearing down others work; however, you really just look very amateur and silly in the process.

  • Margot Potter

    Those who can do, those who can’t become critics. For the record, the Porsche is a replica and there are only 30 pounds of Swarovski crystal on it applied by a master. She is heading for a Guinness record, that sparkle represents countless hours of hard work. It’s easy to tap a few snarky sentences on a computer keyboard and hit send, but the work that went into all of these cars was significant and worthy of respect not ridicule.

  • ChiCarGuy

    I look forward to this article every year. I think you guys nailed it–I was there, and these stood out as the worst of the worst. Not that the builders of these cars didn’t work hard to make them look the way they do, but any objective person would have the same response–there were thousands of cool cars at SEMA and these 10 just weren’t. Just as having money doesn’t mean you have taste; being able to mod a car doesn’t mean you do it well or made good decisions. These are prime examples.

    Nice work on the article, and please continue to share your real opinion. Most publications seem to be afraid to put a stake in the ground and write what they really think.

  • Matt

    Number 2 makes me want to never leave my Fortress of Solitude.

  • Von Butch

    You missed that stupid futuristic Mad Max thing that was 30′ long with all the welded tubing, three seats, huge tires and some stupid gear art on the top. A complete waste of time and money.

  • ToEachTheirOwn

    So that smart car is really on the top 10 worst?… Autoguide.Com your ignorance is discomforting to me… The author of this article is a clown.

  • jsaviour84

    Thats not a lambo. It’s

  • The Nail Hub

    The Porsche only has 30 lbs of crystals on it and it is gorgeous! How can you criticize people’s creativity? You should be ashamed of yourself for bashing the hard work of others.

  • GreenJeep1998

    I’m of the same thought, the Smart was just kind of a bonkers bad-azz build, instead of the bonkers but tacky Crystaled Porsche. I thought the Avenger looked pretty dang clean and was overall nice looking, especially when compared to that Superman 300……….and I’m not just saying this because I also own it’s platform mate, a Chrysler 200! Honestly, I don’t know how some of the SEMA build Wranglers, or in this case Wronglers didn’t make it on this list, the ones I saw pics of deserved their own spot separate from the Bro-Trucks on this list!

  • Tony

    It that what that was.
    They should be prosecuted for that.

  • Tony

    Thanks for the clarification.
    I seriously was getting mad thinking someone did that to a Lambo.

  • steveinglendale

    Nonsense at such nonsense. What fun at nonsense.

  • Aussie

    I think its time the big rim fad had passed on be buried for good. It is the most hideous thing ever dreamed up in USA and should be banished and outlawed from the shops and streets.
    To think your cool running on those Wagon Wheels you need to seek psychiatric counseling or rehab. It is without doubt the ugliest thing to ever happen to rims scene
    . Stick to 20″ max