Toyota Mirai Time Machine Goes Back to the Future at SEMA


A custom Toyota Mirai has been unveiled at the 2015 SEMA Show, heavily inspired by the Back to the Future movie franchise.

Toyota has teamed up with MV Designz to create a one-of-a-kind Mirai heavily inspired by Doc Brown’s time traveling DeLorean from the hit movies. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle has been transformed from a four-door sedan to a two-door coupe, outfitted with gullwing doors and a heads-up display of the time-traveling destination. To help it fit in at the Las Vegas Convention Center during SEMA, the Mirai also got custom air-ride suspension with 19-inch “Infinity” LED wheels and tires. Giving it an even more unique appearance, Toyota opted to finish it off with a custom brushed aluminum paint and blue LED lighting throughout the vehicle.

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Inside the Mirai is the heads-up destination clock display along with an integrated tablet that has replaced the original equipment head unit. And no Back to the Future-inspired vehicle would be complete without a flux capacitor housed in a custom center console.

The Toyota Mirai Time Machine joins the previously revealed custom Toyota Tacoma as part of the Japanese automaker’s collaboration with the famous movie series.

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