Volkswagen Equips Factory Workers with 3D Smart Glasses

Volkswagen Equips Factory Workers with 3D Smart Glasses

Volkswagen is introducing some futuristic technology into its Wolfsburg, Germany plant: 3D smart glasses. 

The new specs will be worn by logistics personnel who are responsible for order picking. Workers will get information like the storage locations and part numbers directly in their field of vision, while controlling the glasses can be done using voice or touch commands. Thanks to a camera that reads barcodes, when the glasses recognize that a worker has incorrectly removed a part, it will be shown in red. If it’s the right part, it will appear green.

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The introduction of the new glasses comes after a successful three month pilot project, although wearing them will be voluntary. Currently, just 30 workers are using the glasses and VW says that concerned employees will be introduced to the glasses slowly. “Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in production. The 3D smart glasses take cooperation between humans and systems to a new level,” said Reinhard de Vries, Head of Plant Logistics at Wolfsburg.

Without providing specifics, Volkswagen says that it plans to introduce 3D smart glasses into other plants and departments.

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  • johnls39 .

    Sounds like a brilliant idea. Maybe it will help improve quality and reliability.

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