Volkswagen Launches ‘Goodwill Package’ to Give TDI Owners $1,000

Volkswagen Launches ‘Goodwill Package’ to Give TDI Owners $1,000

Volkswagen has launched a cash incentive program in an attempt to appease owners of diesel cars rigged to cheat emissions testing.

VW will give eligible drivers who own one of the TDI cars affected by the diesel emissions scandal $500 loaded onto a prepaid Visa card and $500 that can be redeemed at Volkswagen dealerships. Three years worth of 24-hour roadside assistance has also been thrown into the package, which VW hopes will help restore trust in the company.

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Although Volkswagen has not yet revealed how it will fix the affected cars, a source close to the matter says the German automaker will begin recalling vehicles in the U.S. in February. The same source says that VW has put aside $4-billion to fix the cars and to fund the goodwill package.

Volkswagen has previously given financial assistance to dealerships because they have been hugely affected by a stop-sale on diesel cars, meaning dealerships have loads of unsalable inventory. The cash incentive program is the first step VW has taken to appease TDI car owners.

Currently, the cash incentives are only available to owners of the 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel engine from 2009 to 2015 model year cars. Owners can see if their car is eligible by entering their VIN on this VW website, If they are eligible and apply for the package, they should receive their cards within four weeks, and then they must take their cards to the dealership to activate. For more information on the process and eligibility, visit VW’s FAQ site here.

Last week, the EPA said that some of VW’s 3.0L V6 diesels were equipped with the same illegal software, but Volkswagen has so far denied these cars are affected. Audi is also working on its own similar incentive program, which will launch Nov. 13.

  • George

    They had to cheat to get past emission tests, it will be very difficult to now pass these tests.
    I think power output will be heavily affected.

  • Mark

    Not only power… Fuel economy will drop, engine-out particulate will increase putting more into the DPF and anyone doing low temperature driving cycles could find their DPF blocking up regularly.

  • kjump14

    So I’m getting the $500 visa card etc, but when I read the fine print, turns out you gotta bring the TDI to the service dept before your visa gets activated.
    I smell rotten fish here, and since my TDI runs excellent, and returns excellent mileage, the LAST thing I’m interested in letting VW do is plug into my vehicle and start screwing around.
    I can think of NO other reason for us to have to physically bring our vehicles into the service department to get the fricken VISA activated. They can easily verify your ownership without needing to bring the car into the service department, and I’m not gonna bring mine within 5 miles of a VW service department until I’ve heard of many others getting re-mapped WITHOUT any power and/or mileage loss. Otherwise, they can have it when they pry it from my cold dead hands!
    $500 isn’t anywhere CLOSE to what it’d take to get me to bring mine in.
    Nice try VW!