Volvo Teases new S90 Sedan, Working on Advanced Technology with Microsoft

Volvo Teases new S90 Sedan, Working on Advanced Technology with Microsoft

Volvo has partnered with Microsoft to develop next-generation automotive technologies, things that could change how drivers buy cars and what these vehicles can do for them.

For starters, the software giant’s new HoloLens technology could be brought to the vehicle-buying experience. This wearable, untethered holographic computer shows the user a three-dimensional augmented-reality world.

HoloLens could give Volvo the ability to create totally bespoke experiences for customers, allowing them to thoroughly explore things like colors, rim designs and even get a better understanding of what a vehicle has to offer by seeing it inside and out in all three dimensions.

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This technology could also free dealers from the confines of traditional stores. If customers could test drive a car virtually then franchises could be put in shopping malls, on street corners or in other small spaces where a traditional dealership wouldn’t fit.

Beyond this, future collaboration between Volvo and Microsoft could extend to autonomous driving technology and other connected-car services, red-hot areas of the car business right now.


The two companies alos showed off a mixed-reality preview of the all-new S90 sedan, which is scheduled to make its formal debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Details about this premium four-door are scant at this point but Volvo is focusing on autonomous driving so it seems reasonable the new S90 will feature plenty of advanced assistance technology.

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  • Tim

    These dumb shadowy sillhouette “teases” are becoming so cliche. Just show the car. No one is waiting with bated breath for a new volvo.