2017 Honda Civic Si Rumored to Have 220-230 HP


The 2017 Honda Civic Si is rumored to arrive late next year or early spring 2017.

The news comes from HondaPro Jason via the CivicX forum, who claims the new 21017 Honda Civic Si will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The powerplant is believed to be a detuned version of the Type R engine with around 220 to 230 horsepower and will be mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The model will likely share many of its parts with the new Civic Type R that is scheduled to be released in spring or summer 2017.

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We already know that the Honda Civic coupe will arrive dealerships as a 2016 model year but the hatchback will join it soon after. According to the rumors, all markets will be receiving the coupe, hatchback and sedan models, with the Type R available in most, but not all markets.

Although the information comes unconfirmed, it does make sense. The new Civic Type R will have at least 300 hp and giving the Si a detuned version of the powerplant saves on R&D costs for the Japanese automaker. It also ensures that the 2017 Honda Civic Si stays affordable and leaves the Type R room to breathe as the range-topping model.

[Source: CivicX]

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  • smartacus

    220-230HP from only 2.0 is tremendous for an Si
    That’s even more than the 200 HP from the non-turbo FR-S.
    How does Honda unleash so much raw power?

  • Gabe


  • Patrick Jackson

    Back end of the coupe kind of reminds me of 4th gen eclipse

  • Eric Cameron

    I don’t know what to think about this horsepower output. The 2.0L Boxer engine in the FRS does 200 hp without forced induction.

    So if the Si is only 220-230 hp, sounds like they’re putting in a very small turbo to increase low-down torque. That’s about it. It would feel more responsive down low but would not have any “guts” at the high end. I would have expected at least 260 hp for a Si and 300+ for the Type R to compete against the Ford Focus lineup.

    I personally drove the Cadillac ATS 2.0T and thought that that engine was perfect at ~270 hp.

  • smartacus

    270HP is a good number for the ATS 2.0T
    Even a Sonata 2.0T makes 240HP

  • Jeff Snavely

    and they added how much weight?

  • Eric

    The S2000 2.0L back in 1999 made 240HP. Their Japan Type R models always made 220-225 HP without turbo.

    Aftermarket Drag Honda’s are making 380HP no turbo but stroked to 2.8L

    Nothing unusual in Honda motors making big raw power.

  • Eric

    That reason is ‘FWD’

    The highest power output of the Honda 2.0L is 240HP both with the K20 and F20(1999). The 2.0 boxer engine is just crap.

  • Sirò

    The civic keeps getting bigger and bigger remember when the accord was that size. It probably weights 3400Lbs

  • scw2111

    The older EJ20 series engines was the only short block I could pickup by myself unassisted. To push 200HP NA and 350HP FI on a shortblock that small is impressive.

  • Asu

    Not really bro,the focus problems are numerous…was looking to get one but decided to wait for the civic hatch for better reliability…for those of us who keep cars for 10+ years,reliability is a must

  • Asu

    yeah but torque is more important…200+ would be perfect

  • Asu

    The reason for turbo would be low end torque between 1500-4000 rpm which is what most need on the street for fast take off and passing…so 230 HP and 230 TQ would be nice…260 would be too close to the type R…but with a simple tune,cat-back exhaust and inter-cooler upgrade…jumping from 230 to 260 – 270Hp & TQ will be a piece of cake.

  • Craig Sawyer

    In the end it comes down to money and how fast you want to go, and to keep any car reliable for 10 years I wouldn’t do any mods.
    But yes Honda has always made a good product but bang for buck there is better.

  • DMB

    It’s a turbocharged 2.0 with 230hp vs the FRS 200hp non turbo 2.0… that is how they get the power… slap a turbo on the FRS and you will get well over 230hp easy. For example the WRX wich has a turbo FRS (FA20)engine and has 265hp. This new si will rly set the benchmark for reliable fun cars hopefully. But only time will tell. And because it is already turbocharged you could probably crank up the power quite a bit with just a tune and not have to actually add any mechanical components like a 5k dollar turbo kit.like the FRS/BRZ. Which is still an amazing little car. (2015 Frs 2.0L 200hp vs 2015 civic si 2.4L 204hp) and the FRS is actually faster 0-60mph then the civic si even with its stock prius tires. But it is much lighter. They are both good cars once you turbo charge a car it’s a whole nother ball game. I hope they make a 2 door hatch si for 2017… That would sell like hot cakes and I would probably get one myself. This will be very exciting when the si comes out.

  • Forrest Chambers

    Even 250 horse power from a 4 banger is no big deal and for reliability, it should do that naturally aspirated and not with a turbo. That should be the standard engine for the Civic. I might purchase one if they don’t price it out line for what it is…a Civic.

  • Charles Davis

    That’s the problem with rumors, they are just rumors!