7 Cars Owners Regret Buying the Most

7 Cars Owners Regret Buying the Most

Want to avoid purchasing a car you’ll regret buying?

Consumer Reports has released the findings from its annual owner satisfaction survey, compiling a list of seven vehicles that owners regret buying the most. The publication asked 230,000 vehicle owners to consider all factors including price, performance, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc. to determine if they would purchase the car all over again.

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A model’s satisfaction score is calculated based on the percentage of respondents who answered “definitely yes” to purchasing the vehicle again. The higher the percentage, the higher the satisfaction.

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SUV: Jeep Compass / Jeep Patriot


Only 46 percent of Jeep Compass and Jeep Patriot owners would purchase their SUV again. One owner from Texas even went so far as to say that the Compass is “the worst vehicle I’ve ever driven.” Owners noted that the Jeep Compass and Patriot have poor gas mileage and are under equipped for the price. The American automaker is discontinuing both the Compass and Patriot for the 2016 model year and it could be for good reason.

Sporty Car: Hyundai Veloster


In the world of sports cars, the Hyundai Veloster takes the crown with only half its owners saying they would purchase it again. Owners complained about the Veloster’s lack off power while it felt cheaply made and had too hard of a ride. They also noted that the hatch suffered from ease of access, response from a standstill and a tight cabin.

Minivan: Nissan Quest


There aren’t many minivans left in this world, but the Nissan Quest is the one owners regret purchasing the most. Of the respondents, 54 percent said they’d purchase the Nissan Quest again with complaints ranging from cheap materials to Bluetooth friendliness. Owners also had a lot to say about poor visibility, complaints on the continuously variable transmission and poor service at Nissan dealership. It is also worth noting that the Quest received a Poor score on the IIHS small-overlap crash test. Not everything about the Quest is awful however, as some owners praised its comfort and spaciousness.

Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz CLA


Mercedes-Benz’s entry-level offering might be too entry level for some. Only 55 percent of Mercedes-Benz CLA owners would purchase their vehicle again, saying that the German automaker made too many compromises to make the CLA affordable. Complaints include stiff suspension, compact size, general discomfort, rough and noisy ride and tires needing to be replaced too early. Perhaps the biggest complaint was that the CLA felt “too cheap” for a Mercedes-Benz model.

Family Sedan: Nissan Altima


From the pool of Nissan Altima owners, 58 percent said they’d purchase the sedan again. Complaints were varied on the Altima, with many owners complaining about the seats. Some praised their comfort while others noted that they were a true problem. Although Consumer Reports did mention that the discrepancy could be with the base seats compared to the upgraded ones with more adjustments. Other notable issues with the family sedan include handling complaints with owners adding that the vehicle is horrible and irritating to drive. The good news? Some were happy with the Altima’s fuel economy and ride comfort and the model did just get an overhaul for the 2016 model year.

Pickup Truck: Nissan Frontier


The Nissan Frontier is the longest-running model without a redesign in the pickup truck category, and perhaps its age is starting to show. Of those surveyed, 60 percent said they would purchase it again with owners frequently pointing their fingers at poor fuel economy and a wide turning radius. More interesting, owners did say that the Frontier was suitable for road trips.

Overall Car: Kia Rio


And the overall car that owners regret purchasing the most? The Kia Rio. Only 40 percent of current owners would purchase it again and the Kia Rio was the least satisfying car overall in the latest survey. While some owners thought the Rio was adequate for commuting, most had criticisms about its backseat, lack of cargo space and features. Owners also noted that the Rio’s mileage is overstated and the ride comfort is poor.

  • Jay Thomas

    How is it possible that a list of
    7 Cars Owners Regret Buying the Most
    not have at least one model from the manufacturer with the worst owner retention in the industry; Land Rover?

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  • craigcole

    I mostly agree with this list. The Veloster and Frontier are pretty weak offerings.

  • Two possible reasons:

    1) Land Rover is not a huge volume seller in the U.S., where the 230,000 respondents came from;

    2) It’s entirely possible all the Land Rovers broke down on the way to the interview. 😉

  • Crownie Royal

    Add my TLX to the list.

  • Eric Cameron

    I own a Veloster Turbo and I thoroughly enjoy it, aside from the suspension. The suspension is pretty terrible.

    I could see why the base Veloster is not appreciated due to the lack of engine power and torque, especially for the name.

    I haven’t had any problems with the vehicle since I got it almost 2 years ago. Rear seat room is pretty bad, but in the last 2 years I’ve had people back there maybe twice. That’s what you get when you like the sloped roofline to the rear.

    The trunk space is somewhat small, but the deep pocket actually gives quite a bit of stuff you can pack back there. I can carry all my work tools, safety gear and a suitcase back there and I could live and work out of it for a week.

    Here in Canada the VT only comes in one trim level and it has everything except auto climate control, which I couldn’t give a damn about.

    But would I buy another Veloster? No, probably not. This was the first time I ventured into non-American vehicles, and I don’t think I’ll try another one, except for a Subaru perhaps. I’ve always enjoyed my Fords and GM vehicles.

  • hidden_agenda714

    Not sure where the writers got their info but the car with the highest buyers remorse and dealer buy-back is the Infiniti Q50 Sedan. That car is a POS.

    Go read the forums. Over 15 people so far successfully got Infiniti to buy back the car due to it’s DAS (dumb a## steering) and the crappy infotainment system.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez Camargo

    There are many: Chevrolet Aveo, in my case.

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