Cadillac ELR ‘A Big Disappointment’ Admits Chief Marketing Officer


The Cadillac ELR hasn’t exactly been a hit in the marketplace, barely selling over 100 units last year.

This year has been much better for the luxury plug-in hybrid, having sold nearly 900 units through November 2015. Despite that, the ELR is being considered “a big disappointment” by the company’s chief marketing officer, Uwe Ellinghaus. Speaking in an interview with Automobile, Ellinghaus acknowledged the ELR hasn’t sold well but also admits that he wants it because it shows that Cadillac can tackle electromobility. Ultimately, the ELR is a product “that was the niche in the niche in the niche” and its volume shows.

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As a result, Ellinghaus said that Cadillac will no longer go down the road of the ELR, but rather add plug-in hybrid variants to “almost” all its cars. For example, one year after the launch of the new flagship CT6 sedan, the American automaker will add a plug-in version of the vehicle. This strategy will be followed by the brands future cars and SUVs. Essentially, Cadillac has conceded that it cannot emulate Tesla’s success, saying with the luxury automaker putting more focus on dealing with range anxiety, which led Cadillac to adding a combustion engine in the ELR. Meanwhile, Tesla had the belief in the electric engine being the sole engine on board with consumers embracing all-electric vehicles.

[Source: Automobile]

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  • Jay Maggio

    The ELR is a good example of GM doing what they did before the bankruptcy. Producing niche market vehicles like the Chevy SSR and Pontiac Solstice that no one is asking for. They would have been far more successful if they had use the engine for an electric ATS, CTS, or SRX to begin with. When will they learn to stop chasing stars with niche market vehicles.

  • Hardly a surprise. They should have stepped back and looked at that thing.