Feds Increase Scrutiny on Jeep Wrangler Wiring Issue

Feds Increase Scrutiny on Jeep Wrangler Wiring Issue

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has begun an engineering analysis on 630,000 Jeep Wranglers over a wiring issue that can cause the airbags to fail. 

Wranglers from the 2007 to 2012 model year have been under investigation since June, and now the agency is opening an engineering analysis, the next step in the process. The problem stems from the clockspring wiring in the driver-side air bag circuit which can fail, leading to the airbag not deploying.

Roughly 10,000 right-hand drive Wranglers have already been recalled over this issue, spanning from the 2008 to 2012 model year. Extended warranty coverage was also issued for right-hand drive models from 2007.

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About 1,703 consumer complaints and about 500 NHTSA complaints have been logged over the issue. Six of the reports allege than the air-bag warning light, which is supposed to alert the driver of improperly functioning airbags, turned on after a collision.

FCA says it has covered nearly 17,000 warranty claims over these issues, though some of them involved clockspring wiring failure that only affected the cruise control or radio, not the airbags.

The engineering analysis may result in a recall if one is deemed necessary.

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  • VulpineMac

    I would rather the airbag not deploy at all rather than deploying unnecessarily. I am NOT one of the complainers involved in this argument, though I’ve experienced previously weird electrical issues due to poor workmanship in the Power Distribution Module which eventually make the electrics go insane until it was replaced. I’ve experienced other poor quality issues as well that I blame on Chrysler’s former ‘partner’ that FCA is still working on repairing.

  • Richard Cluley

    Id like to say this is way overdue , as a former CJD Tech & iv replaced hundreds of Clocksprings in the Wranglers for these issues , unfortunately Australia dosn’t get the extended warrenty so any failures outside of the warrenty period the customer gets hamered with the cost & at just over $600 + labour through a Dealer the cost is insane for something that should be covered if its a known fault.

  • Bean

    Hell, my 2003 Sahara Edition has a junk clock spring now… No horn, no cruise and no airbag.

  • Marius Erasmus

    I do have a Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited, 2008model. My airbag’s warning light started to light up during last year, I wonder if it is the same problem??

  • Mike Thompke

    My 2008 JK X had this problem, air bag light, no horn, no cruise and beeping. I replaced my clock spring myself for around $110, found a great youtube video for step by step instructions, only one cheap tool required (90 deg. screw driver) to release the airbag from steering wheel. Problem solved.

  • Steve

    It just happened to my 2012 Rubicon Unlimited – airbag light came on when the wheel was in a certain position. Bought the part on amazon and installed it myself.

  • MathesonJ

    Is the clockspring related to the issue/ability of honking one’s horn to regain cruise-control/volume-rocker usage again? if so, my 2011 JKUR suffers from that at least once a month… Did it just last night actually and notice that it also affected the lights behind those controls.

  • Ray S

    I have a 2013 Wrangler and was in a front collision at aroud 25 MPH and there was no deploymeny or afterwards any light showing airbags issues. Just wonfering if it is related.

  • Ray S

    Also my Cruise Control kicks out all the time??

  • Bob Reilly

    I have an ’06 rubicon unlimited with many issues. The first year 1997 tj’s had really bad every thing electrical ( Jeep) said they corrected them) . They didn’t. 1997 till 2016 all have or have had electrical problems . Any one know a good classs action Lawsuit lawyer ?