Ford Fiesta RS Rumored to Arrive in 2017 with 250 HP


Rumors on the upcoming Ford Fiesta RS are starting to surface.

With development of the Ford Focus RS now complete and heading to dealerships in spring 2016, the American automaker will reportedly launch the Fiesta RS to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the nameplate. German publication Autobild reports that the Fiesta RS will be powered by the same 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine found in today’s Fiesta ST, but its performance will be increased to around 250 horsepower from the current 197 figure.

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Expect the Fiesta RS to also get more aggressive styling, just like its bigger brother. Combine that with sportier suspension and larger brakes and it’ll be a fun-to-drive package that’s more affordable than the Focus RS that will start at $36,605 including destination. It is doubtful that the Fiesta RS will benefit from the all-wheel-drive system found in the Focus RS however.

Earlier this year, a mule for the hot hatch was spied testing alongside a Ford Focus RS prototype. The Ford Performance division is set to launch a dozen new vehicles by 2020 and the Fiesta RS will fill an important role in the lineup.

[Source: Autobild]

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  • smartacus

    Fiesta ST is no slouch as is; but a 250HP Fiesta?
    20 yearz ago; a Cobra R with a 5.8 Windsor was good for 300HP.
    Turbos rock.

  • Gbk132

    So the 2015 Focus st and the 2017 Fiesta rs will have about the same horsepower? Would love to see those two go head to head.If they’re equal, why but the fiesta, when you could get a depreciated focus for less money.can you say conflict of interest?

  • smartacus

    Aw man i’d love to see a head to head of Focus ST and Fiesta RS!
    Yeah you got a point there about conflict of interest; i read they’re already getting rid of the current generation of 2.0 after just a couple of years on the market.

    Whut if they gave the Focus the 250HP 1.6?? Stranger thingz have happend.

  • Nice Twits

    The Focus ST depreciates pretty fast. So I would probably just get a ’15 ST. The Fiesta is made with a cheaper rear solid bar suspension. It looks and feels like an econobox in ALL TRIMS. And honestly it’s made in Mexico where labor is cheap, yet the price of the Fiesta and Focus (made in the USA) is within 4k of each other. The Focus interior is night and day better.

  • Mark S

    Yikes, Focus interiors are not great to begin with (compared to say a GTI). Fiesta ST though is great fun the money, no matter what the interior. Amazing how well it does with that simple rear suspension, maybe they change it for the RS.

  • Felix James

    Agreed. The Focus is the superior car. The Fiesta might actually be more fun though.