New Executive Producer for BBC’s Top Gear Quits Months Before Show’s Relaunch

New Executive Producer for BBC’s Top Gear Quits Months Before Show’s Relaunch

BBC’s new Top Gear hasn’t even been relaunched yet, and it is already facing a setback.

Lisa Clark, the show’s executive producer, is quitting just five months after being brought on by new host Chris Evans. The two had previously worked together.

The sudden departure deals a blow to the show’s looming relaunch in May. The popular show is facing a huge hurdle as it tries to reinvent itself after Jeremy Clarkson was fired for punching someone and co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond also quit to show their support for Clarkson. The new BBC show is also abandoning the three host format.

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BBC says Clark’s departure wont affect the new show’s launch date of May 8 or the rest of the production schedule. Clark came on board to replace Alex Renton, who has followed the original Top Gear trio for their new Amazon Prime show. A new executive producer will be named in the new year.

[Source: The Guardian]

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  • smartacus

    OMG this is so ominous! If someone personally recommended by the host quits just 5 months after coming aboard; that is indicative of an insurmountable systemic failure within BBC.

    Only a thick-skinned Elephant like Jezza could hold everyone together with power of personality.

  • Mark S

    Evans has a good track record, think he is in for a pound, in for a penny. I am thinking glass half full, I get a new Top Gear from the BBC AND I get a new Top Gear from Amazon Prime. Was hoping that Rowan Atkinson would get a starring role in a new TG, forget the Mr. Bean stuff, Atkinson is a car nerd through and through, with a dry wit than could leave Clarkson crying with laughter.

  • Isend2C

    I’ve been watching American Top Gear since it came out and this whole thing just makes me even happier that I like it.

  • Nice comment. Definitely

    Working in/for the BBC you can imagine its draconian with this over-the-top ‘current uk style’ of P.C to everything. Jezza fought them (and also his own staff ironically lol) and the ‘team he was a part of must have fought for the show too’ which created top gear as it was.

    Chris Evans going to struggle. Its different to radio. Its difficult to create something that’ll garner ratings too ……difficult to better the original formula …. Clark may likely have quit as she didn’t want her name associated with something that may flop because design boundaries constrained by the BBC and that they don’t want to copy anything of the original

    Jezza was annoying but watchable/funny at times. Evans is annoying but less watchable but more importantly he is NOT a car journalist/reviewer, sure he is a car guy (because he can afford to buy very good cars), but he is not a car reviewer/journalist that can add a funny slant with 2 friends.

    Whether this can be ready for May launch ? not looking good so far