Nissan’s NISMO Brand Could Get a Standalone Supercar

Nissan’s NISMO Brand Could Get a Standalone Supercar

Nissan’s performance sub-brand NISMO isn’t ruling out the idea of developing its own supercar.

In a recent interview, Nissan’s chief product specialist, Hiroshi Tamura, admitted that one day, NISMO could have its very own model, similar to what AMG has done for the Mercedes brand. But it’s not something that will happen anytime soon, as Tamura added that NISMO “is still a baby brand,” that needs protection.

Agreeing with Tamura is NISMO’s program director, Bob Laishley said that he would like to aspire to the idea of a bespoke supercar.

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In recent years, Nissan has chosen to put more of a focus in developing the NISMO brand with model variants across its lineup. The Nissan GT-R NISMO has been the most outstanding of the offerings, making the already potent GT-R even more impressive.

“AMG are a good benchmark for us,” said Laishley. “It’s an interesting road and journey that they’ve been on.”

For now, we’ll have to settle for more variants from the sub-brand on existing Nissan models, but if they continue to be successful, don’t be surprised if we see NISMO create its own supercar in the near future.

[Source: Top Gear]

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