Poll: Acura NSX or Ford GT?

Poll: Acura NSX or Ford GT?

Supercars are sexy, there’s no doubt. And two of the hottest in a generation are scheduled to go on sale relatively soon, the new Acura NSX and Ford’s re-reborn GT.

Both of these machines feature powertrains designed for the new century. Acura’s latest beast features a hybridized propulsion unit centered on a 3.5-liter, twin-turbocharged V6 matched to a nine-speed automatic transmission. Twin electric motors round out the system, which should deliver a stable of 573 horses.

The equally new Ford GT also features force-fed six. This EcoBoost monster should crank out more than 600 ponies, though official figures are not available at this time. A seven-speed, dual-clutch transaxle should provide instantaneous gear changes.

Before casting your vote, compare these two cars side by side.

  • smartacus

    it appears the NSX is not in the same league as the GT, but the AMG GT S

  • 2wheelobsessed

    Oh my god who’d take an NSX over that Ford?!! I’m not a Ford guy in any way shape or form, but damn that GT looks amazing. Little upset it has a 6 in it, a very strong turboed 6, but still a 6 and 6s don’t make beautiful music like a V8. Reguardless it’s one sick looking car way cooler lookin than the NSX.

  • Blatics

    From the profile of the New NSX, I think it is R8 rather than NSX. NSX should continues its old style.

  • alpha2beta

    Because its going to be a typical Ford, problematic just like the last generation.

  • Len Reinhart

    The NSX will still be running long after the Ford has been retired.

  • 2wheelobsessed

    That is true it’s still a Ford and Fords do what’s Fords do, break… But if I could afford that particular Ford I could afford to have it fixed, weekly, because it is a Ford… But still Way better looking than the NSX

  • 2wheelobsessed

    Absolutely looks just like an R8 from a profile view. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, the R8 is pretty nice looking. I’m sure being a Honda it’ll be a fantastic car and do everything just right, be nicely balanced fast comfy and reliable. But on looks alone that GT is a winner…

  • Mark S

    Ford GT – what an awesome looking car.

  • Keith bunn

    The FORD GT is SEXY SICK!!! Acura knows this is a beautiful design and are trying to copy the Sexy look’s.

    The GT is an AMAZING 21st century design.
    This IS the BEST super car design EVER!!!!

    Ford’s are fairly reliable, good selling vehicles, It’s why they didn’t take the government loans like GM and Chrysler.

    As for durability, did Acura ever KICK Ferrari’s butt 4 x time’s @ the grueling 24 hour Le Mans like the FORD GT Did way back in ‘66, ‘67, ‘68 and ‘69???

  • Keith Bunn

    If you went and IDIOT and drove a Ford right you wouldn’t break it every week and need it fixed.

  • 2wheelobsessed

    No need for name calling like a 2 yr old. Your obviously a fanboy and I get it. I was defending the GT I thnk its a sweet ride. But there is no denying the quality and reliability factor between a Ford and a Honda. I WOULD STILL take the Ford over that NSX all day long. Also smart guy, if you drive the Ford the way it’s intended engineered designed and built you would break it no doubt. If you drive it like most will drive it that is like an old man using it for the occasional Sun drive to get the paper than displaying it in the garage rest of the week yea it’ll last you forever.

  • 2wheelobsessed

    Ford did get money from the Govmnt same as everyone else. It was given under a different title than a “bailout” but absolutely got it at the same time of the others. It’s public record you can see for yourself.

  • Mark S

    True that Ford took money (under the guise of EV/Hybrid development!), I think Ford was like near 6 Billion and they are still owe. GM and Chrysler was 64 Billion, plus GM filed bankruptcy (think GM had 20 Billion loan prior to bankruptcy call). This was the game ended for Pontiac, Saturn, Hummer and Saab.

  • ExigeS40

    That is true it’s still a Ford and Fords do what’s Fords do, catch fire. (Pinto)

  • You may keep the old one, but my heart, my mind and my gut are still drawn to the new generation NSX. Bash me, ignore my comment and complain that the old NSX is better but I will stand firm that the new NSX SHOULD be the winner because of EVERYTHING!