Poll: Tesla Model S or Porsche Mission E?

Poll: Tesla Model S or Porsche Mission E?

The Porsche Mission E was one of the most surprising concept cars this year, and it was essentially developed as a competitor to the popular Tesla Model S. 

The best and newest Tesla Model S has an all electric range of 265 miles, while the Mission E is said to have about 310 miles of range. Both electric cars are stupid fast, luxurious, and use absolutely no gas.

Which electric sports car would you rather have? Vote in our poll below to have your say.

BUT FIRST: Read about the Porsche Mission E here and the Tesla Model S here

  • smartacus

    i’ll punt and say Mitsubishi iMiEV (because rear engine like a 911, bro)

  • P Roppo

    One that is actually produced, or one that is currently vaporware? I’ll take the real one.

  • andy

    While the Mission E looks more aesthetically pleasing to me, it won’t be here until the end of the decade.

  • Arthor Wright

    I would prefer to support a company like Tesla, which is an innovative, disruptor that challenges the outdated status quo of the auto industry.

  • Grendal

    One of these exists and can be bought today. It already has a proven track record. It already goes quicker at a 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. Tesla will have 4 more years to make even more improvements.
    That said, good luck Porsche. The more the merrier.

  • Darko

    In order to really compare, you need to know: 1 – the price and 2 – the long range charging availability – for “Mission E”

  • ColumWood

    I’m genuinely fascinated that the commenters all vote for the Tesla, but the poll results dramatically prefer the Porsche.

  • johnls39 .

    I prefer the Model S since it is sexier than the Porche.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I voted Porsche. All things being somewhat equal at this stage in the electric car game, between these two I think the Porsche looks more exotic in a good way.

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  • MattGuy

    So what you’re asking is if you’d rather have:

    1. Porsche Mission E: A picture of a concept car (albeit a gorgeous one) which won’t see the light of day for 5 years with theoretical range and performance specifications that don’t even match that of the current day Tesla Model S (0-60mph acceleration is 0.7s slower than a Model S P90D, the claimed 310 mile range is based on the European NEDC cycle which the Model S currently is rated as 323 miles).

    2. Tesla Model S: A car that is already on the road, is the fastest accelerating four door car on earth, the safest car in production today, has Autopilot capability, has been rated as the best car Consumer Reports has ever tested and a product update cycle of 6 months constantly giving it better performance, range and software updates with new features.

    If it’s not already blatantly obvious, I’ll take the Model S hands down.

    That being said, I really hope Porsche delivers on the Mission E as do I hope other enthusiast brands compete to build amazing EVs. Electric All Wheel Drive vehicles are the future of performance and I can’t wait to see what happens in the renaissance of automotive innovation. It’s a good time to be an automotive enthusiast!

  • Matthew

    I voted Tesla. How can I vote for a car that does not exist and has no price? Even Porsche has said the technology does not exist to make these claims possible but they “should” be feasible within 5 years. This is like flying cars “should” have been feasible decades ago. Will it happen? Maybe, but at what price and does anyone expect Tesla won’t be adopting these cutting edge advances if they happen? Tesla is the only company I know that does updates to their cars almost weekly on the production line and software updates to correct issues or add features multiple times a year. Porsche? Still hanging onto the same basic layout on a car designed when JFK was in office (admittedly refining it remarkably over the last 50 years)

  • Dominic Brissette

    The ONLY reason why people vote Porsche is that it looks so damn good, which is DEFINITELY not a valid reason to vote for it.

    All of what you said is 100% right and I’ll take the model S all day, I still wish Porsche produce the mission E.

  • JB

    I think to be a fair poll, you would have to have the Porsche priced, available today and all the specs verified. By that time, I think Tesla will have advanced.