Porsche Mission E Electric Sports Car Headed for Production


Porsche has confirmed that its Mission E all-electric sports car will be produced. 

“With Mission E, we are making a clear statement about the future of the brand. Even in a greatly changing motoring world, Porsche will maintain its front-row position with this fascinating sports car,” said Dr. Wolfgang Porsche, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Porsche AG.

The Mission E is a four-door sports car that has a total system output of 600 hp. Porsche says that acceleration from 0 to 62 mph will take 3.5 seconds, while the car will offer a range of up to 310 miles on a single charge.

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One of the car’s most unique features is a special 800-volt charger that was designed specifically for Mission E, which can feed the car an 80 percent charge in just 15 minutes. Charging will also be possible through wireless induction via a specially installed coil set in a garage floor.

To prepare for Mission E production, Porsche will spend roughly 700 million euros at its Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen plant to prepare it. The brand will build a new paint shop and a new assembly plant while the existing engine factory will be expanded to handle the production of the electric motors.

“With today’s decision, Porsche is driving flat out with no speed restrictions into the automotive and industrial future,” said Uwe Hück, Chairman of the Central Works Council and Deputy Chairman of the Porsche AG Supervisory Board.

A timeline for when production will start was not announced, but most expect the Mission E to come to fruition around 2020.

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  • eddieo

    Electric or not, they are just wasteful toys for the rich, greedy and pathetic consumers who need ego boosters to feel special.

  • hearsetrax

    as sad as that maybe …… you got to admire the few dust brains that try to do the impossible
    in this case trying to make a 1:1 scale RC car seem worth while

  • Rochester

    It’s far more healthy to look at machines like that as a piece of design art, which it most certainly is. Otherwise, if all you do is project your personal values regarding wealth and possession, it will most certainly reflect more poorly on you than the owner of a car like this. Even though that person may be more predisposed to being a d1ck,.. that’s not your call until you actually know that person.