Quiz: Is This a Hyundai or a European Luxury Car?

Quiz: Is This a Hyundai or a European Luxury Car?

Hyundai has been seriously stepping up its luxury game recently. 

The Korean automaker has been coming out with luxurious products for a while now, and has even just launched Genesis, a standalone luxury brand to take on rivals BMW and Mercedes.

The brand still has a long way to go in terms of catching up to the Europeans in terms of brand recognition and cache, but one thing is certain: Hyundai is no longer synonymous with cheap, crap can economy cars.

Take our quiz below to see if you can tell the difference between a Hyundai and a European luxury car and share your score with us!

  • But Proton is.

  • Eric Cameron

    Well I just got owned…5/11. I like the direction they’re going with Genesis, but I think their powertrains could use a little help!

  • smartacus

    tremendous vehicles coming from Hyundai

  • wwolf

    Bought a top 2014 SOUL Nothing else compares for the money

  • 2wheelobsessed

    My parents drive a Santa Fe, not a bad little car at all. But a Euro Lux competitor it’s far from being. If People are going to spend that kind of money it’s gona have a Benze badge up front. Remember that 80k VW, the Phantom, yea people don’t drop that kinda coin on lesser makes its just not going to happen for a good long while. Jap brand cars were all considered garbage for a long long time before they were recognized as legit and now leaders in quality and reliability. To go and make a uber expensive lux model and think it’ll stand alone is a dumb move. Take your time work up to it. Kia and Hyundai have gotten much better but still (at least in the drivetrain dept) are considered followers of the industry not leaders. Make a nice Lux model and undercut the competition by a sizable sum, get people in them first than move it up. Just my useless .02

  • 2wheelobsessed

    By the way I got 9 right. Still can’t hide that Hyundai! Although the 1 I missed was actually a Bently so maybe they are onto something Lol…

  • Rochester

    Same here… 5/11. Quite an eye-opener.
    The new Genesis brand could really shake up the luxury market.

  • bd

    1st off, the Santa Fe is not a luxury model so not sure what point you are trying to make with that.

    2nd, the Genesis sedan already outsells, the CTS, A6, CTS, XJ and Q70 – only the E Class and 5 Series outsells the Genesis as midsize, RWD luxury sedans go.

    3rd, just b/c something is branded MB, BMW or Audi – doesn’t make it luxury.

    The current C Class is the 1st of the Euro compact sedans to have a proper luxury-grade interior.

    The CLA, on the other hand, has neither a luxury interior or a luxury-quality ride.

    And as bad as the CLA is in those respects, not as bad as the original BMW X3 which had a really chinzy interior and brittle ride (the 1st GLK was a bit better, but hardly luxury as well).

    And then there are those rebadged Mercedes such as the MB Citan which is a rebadged job of the Renault Kangoo, not to mention all the MB commercial vans and trucks, including garbage trucks.

  • 2wheelobsessed

    Yea I’m aware a Santa Fe isn’t a Lux car. Which is why I said it’s not a bad little car. Just a general statement about Hyundai. Secondly relax yourself no need to be Mr.Serious. If you think the euro Lux crowd will go to a Hyundai dealer instead of a MB or BMW dealer your smoking some good crack. Cause they sure won’t. The Genisis is a nice car no doubt about it, but the crowd it’s aiming to steal away from the German car crowd isn’t going to be driving something from Korea. They’ll sell well but not to who this article is about. Wealthy yuppie types are all about the badge on the hood most could care less what’s under it. Look how many still drop 100K on Range Rovers. It’s unbelievable. I don’t think anyone will be turning in their MB/BMW/Audi to the local Hyundai dealership anytime soon…

  • Eddy Brady

    The same was said like 20 something years ago, when Toyota made Lexus.

    We all know what happened later.

  • 2wheelobsessed

    Yup, takes some time. 20 yrs sounds about right lol…

  • bd

    Well, then there was absolutely ZERO point in bringing up the Santa Fe since it isn’t a luxury model and not indicative at all what Hyundai plans on doing with its luxury models via the new Genesis brand.

    And I’m hardly “smoking crack” as there are a good bit of current and former German luxury owners who have opted to get a Genesis sedan.

    No doubt – the Genesis brand will have more of an impact on the Japanese luxury brands, but it is simply foolhardy to assert that there aren’t also German luxury owners who have opted for the Genesis when there have been such owners (usually either getting sick of their German vehicle being in the shop or wanting a V8 powered sedan at the price for a V6 or wanting to stick with an NA engine rather than going with the more unreliable FI).

  • 2wheelobsessed

    Well the article is about Hyundai and Euro Lux brand so bringing up the JAP lux brand has zero to do with this. Lol. I get it your just “one of those guys”. Enjoy your New Years, get laid you need it…

  • bd

    Um, YOU were the one who brought up the Japanese 1st! Duh!!!

  • 7milesup

    I traded my Buick Enclave in for a Santa Fe Sport. Could not be happier. WAY better reliability, more comfortable seats and actually more “real” power (because the Enclave is a boat). Frankly, I would NOT buy a BMW or MB just because of their reliability, and their crazy stupid depreciation as soon as you drive them off the lot. I am not a yuppie (thank god) but I am the guy that these cars are marketed to. Luxury, reliability, and awesome dealerships (the one I deal with was #1 in customer service out of 836 Hyundai dealerships). Hyundai has taken their time and developed a solid business plan to move forward, like landing Luc Donckerwolke to do design work, a former Bentley and Lamborghini designer. Hyundai is a global company also dealing with shipping and heavy machinery and thus has a brand recognition worldwide.
    So Hyundai has worked its way up and has a strategy moving forward. Whether yuppies want to drive these cars may be irrelevant, and in fact, I don’t see a young millennial driving one of these at all, but rather someone who has already made his/her mark and has nothing to prove.

  • kevin yohanes

    10/11 , hyundai still a hyundai. btw, hyundai is best at IMITATING european luxury cars design. look at the door speaker grille, it looks very mercedes. and that dashboard, looks very BMW ! and many more. what a pity. come on hyundai, go get your own design, you can’t be proud of imitated design..

  • Tony

    11/11. Can always tell my leather wrinkles, stitching patterns, and how likes flow on the dash and doors. Sorry Hyundai.