Tesla is Going on a Hiring Spree

Tesla is on a hiring spree and plans to grow its current family of 14,000 employees.

According to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, the American electric automaker plans to hire 4,500 new employees in four years as it focuses on building a self-driving vehicle. Earlier this year, Tesla launched its Autopilot system with semi-autonomous features that allow its vehicles to drive on their own on the freeway.

Last month, the company’s CEO Elon Musk went to Twitter to recruit “hardcore software engineers.” He added in the same tweet that no prior experience with cars was required and that he would be interviewing people personally and that Autopilot reports directly to him, making the job a super high priority.

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Tesla has grown more than 14 times since 2010 and currently has 1,600 open positions. The hiring spree means that the company will have nearly 20,000 employees by the end of the decade. With other companies working on self-driving cars such as Google and other automakers also investing into the technology, it’s no surprise Tesla wants to be on the forefront considering how high-tech its vehicles already are.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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