This Carbon Fiber Bugatti Yacht Could be Yours for $2.1 Million


Bugatti has teamed up with yacht builder Palmer Johnson to offer a new lineup of carbon fiber sports yachts. 

Called the Palmer Johnson Niniette, this Bugatti yacht lineup consists of three different boats which range from 42 feet long to 88 feet. The yachts are based on the Palmer Johnson SuperSport, which uses a lightweight carbon fiber hull and hydrodynamic design to achieve a top speed of about 43 mph.

Styling elements, such as the falling shoulder line with the accentuated waist line and two-tone color scheme are all inspired by Bugatti cars from the past and present. Exposed dark blue carbon fiber contrasted with titanium is another Bugatti-style element that has been applied to each yacht.

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The central Niniette model has a 63-foot deck and includes a 678 square foot upper deck and a 462 square foot lower deck. The boat can accommodate four guests along with a full crew.

The Niniette lineup starts at 2 million euros, while the central 63-foot model sells for a base price of 3.25 million euros. Production time for each of the three boats is roughly a year.

“Bugatti and Palmer Johnson share outstanding lightweight design expertise,” said Dr. Stefan Brungs, Member of the Board of Management of Bugatti Automobiles. “Inspired by Bugatti’s design DNA, Palmer Johnson has created not only an incredibly elegant and beautiful yacht but also a masterpiece of craftsmanship featuring carbon fiber, titanium and precious wood. This collector’s item will thrill maritime aficionados.”

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  • 2wheelobsessed

    Yup…That’s one beautiful boat right there, put a fighting chair out back (carbon fiber of course) and you got the prettiest fishing boat on earth lol.

  • Jeff T

    At a max 43mph most fishing boats would blow it out of the water.

  • 2wheelobsessed

    At a few million bucks I don’t think I have to worry about it to much. I don’t make enough in a year to fill the fuel tanks on that thing. But 40+ mph for a boat that size isn’t to shabby.