This Toy Car Runs on Cricket Power

This Toy Car Runs on Cricket Power

The Bug Racer will be the craziest, strangest thing you will see this holiday season.

In a world where a kid’s imagination can run wild to design the craziest toy imaginable, Bug Racer might just be the most ridiculous one that is a reality. It’s hard to imagine, especially after watching the video below, that this is a real product – but it is! What you have a toy car powered by “elecrickety” where a live cricket can actually drive it around thanks to motion sensors inside the cockpit. And just to be humane, the Bug Racer has a food chamber and a built-in habitat for the cricket so it can live a happy life when it’s not zooming around your living room.

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It’s without a doubt one of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen and that says a lot considering this is the Internet we are talking about. You will have an even harder time wrapping your head around the product thanks to the video below, but you can get your hands on one at Toys R Us for the $Nor.mal price of $34.99.

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