Top 10 Cars We Said Goodbye to in 2015

Top 10 Cars We Said Goodbye to in 2015

The year is coming to an end, and is taking a look back at the discontinued cars we are saying goodbye to in 2015.

While some are aging models that are being replaced by new nameplates, other vehicles are just not long for this world, as the market continues to change and models are being phased out.

Here are the Top 10 cars that got axed this year.

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Cadillac SRX


The Cadillac SRX is being replaced by the new Cadillac XT5 that made its North American debut at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show. Heading to the market as a 2017 model year vehicle, the XT5 embraces the automaker’s new nomenclature and looks to be competitive in the luxury crossover segment.

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Honda Crosstour


The Honda Crosstour has always been an odd model in the Japanese automaker’s lineup, serving as a semi-crossover version of the Accord sedan. The slow-selling model finally got the axe this year, which makes sense, considering the Honda HR-V is now readily available and with styling that’s a lot less controversial.

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Land Rover LR2


The Land Rover LR2 is giving way to the Discovery Sport as the British automaker looks to revamp its lineup. The LR2’s replacement has a bold new look with the crossover targeting a more mainstream audience. There are more rounded edges than sharp lines on the Discovery Sport, and it’s just a sign of things to come from Land Rover.

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Mazda2 and Mazda5


This year, Mazda decided to drop the subcompact Mazda2 from its lineup in North America. Also getting axed is the Mazda5, a minivan-like model that has been replaced by the brand’s plethora of crossover and SUV offerings.

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Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG


Earlier this year, we saw the introduction of the Mercedes-AMG GT, which is somewhat serving as a replacement for the outgoing Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG. The two aren’t quite the same and the SLS AMG will always live on as a one-of-a-kind sports car, but the AMG GT has a much more affordable price tag, relatively speaking.

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Nissan Xterra


With sales continually on the decline, Nissan chose to let go of the Xterra from its lineup. In order to keep it on the market, the automaker would have had to upgrade the SUV’s safety and emissions equipment and it appears that the investment wasn’t worth it.

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Scion xB


With the Nissan Cube getting cut last year, it was just a matter of time before the Scion xB joined the party. The model helped pave the way for Toyota’s youth-centric brand when it was first introduced, but the boxy styling wasn’t enough to keep shoppers interested. Scion had its fair share of new introductions this year, however, with the iM and iA now available on the market. There’s also a crossover in the pipeline that was previewed with the C-HR concept at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show.

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Toyota Venza


It’s perfectly understandable if you don’t recognize the Toyota Venza or knew it was even offered. The Camry-based crossover never quite caught on since its initial launch in 2009 and after one generation, it has been deemed unfit for the market. Just to give you an idea of how badly the Venza sold, it moved as many units annually as the Camry does monthly.

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Volkswagen Eos Convertible


Production on the Volkswagen Eos ended earlier this year as hardtop convertible models are slowly fading with consumers preferring soft-top versions or even panoramic sunroofs. Getting cut from the lineup was no secret, since Volkswagen celebrated its demise with a Final Edition model in the U.S. After nine years of production, the German automaker produced about 230,000 units.

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  • smartacus

    Crosstour and Venza were kept alive out of pride

  • Shiratori1

    You can still get a Mazda 2, provided that you are okay with it being a sedan and being badged as a Scion.

  • Sia

    In Canada, Mazda 2 is now sold as Toyota Yaris sedan.

  • If the Venza had just been styled as the Camry wagon it really was, it might have sold better. If the Honda Crosstour had only…well, I guess there are limits.

  • NewGuy

    While the Venza wasn’t a bad car it never seemed to make sense given that Toyota essentially has a Camry wagon called the Highlander.

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  • True enough, although the Highlander drops 5 MPG city and a whopping 10 MPG highway versus the Camry. I think there’s a market for a full-on estate/wagon version of the actual Camry without the soft-roader enhancements of the Highlander and with the fuel efficiency of the sedan baked back in. After all, in North America, they’d only be up against Subaru and…basically Audi. All they’d have to do is bring the thing in at a Camry price point and market it effectively, and they could bring back the wagon as a thing.

  • NewGuy

    I think there’s a market, too. I remember when Toyota first released the Venza they were reluctant to label it a station wagon because of the stigma “station wagon” has nowadays.

    Personally, if I were looking for a vehicle with the ability to haul people/stuff I’d prefer a station wagon over an SUV because of the MPG you mention and for the lower center of gravity.

  • Darksaga

    Loved the Xterra SUV’s. Sad to see them cut.

  • DCW16

    Mazda 2 was a Fiesta . . . . 5 also had links to Ford and is no more.
    Crosstour was a copy of the Ugliest BMW on the planet . . . and ugly too !
    Toyota . . . who buys that stuff, walking through an insurance write-off yard a decade ago you could see many Toyotas with air-bags NOT deployed. Most recalls in the new millenium by far.

  • Gravity Man

    That’s a great summary, Perry. I am looking at getting a Subaru Outback. Want the AWD plus better mileage and lower center of gravity versus an SUV.

  • I have quite a few friends who love Subarus (full disclosure: I do not work for any automotive company), and if you like boxer engines and AWD, you’re in for a treat.

  • Mike

    The Mazda 2 was never a Fiesta. The Fiesta is a POS.

  • Mike

    I love the idea of Subaru’s and even test drove one. BUT the interiors are horribly basic. Maybe in 10 yrs I’ll be ready for a Subie.

  • DCW16

    You are Wrong !
    Mazda 3 was a Focus platform up until 2013 or 14 . . . my sone had a 2011 Mazda 3 sport with a 2.5 engine cast in a Ford plant, same motor used in the Fusion. The Mazda pickup was a Ford Ranger, the Mazda small SUV was an Escape.
    Ford sold most of their Marda shares a few years ago and the new models today have almost no Ford content. That is why the Marda 2 has been abandoned.

  • Mike

    The Ranger has been dead for years. Ford sold off Mazda years ago. And the only reason the NEW Mazda 2 hatchback isn’t coming to the US is because of the low price of gas. Shame actually. But Americans are buying gas guzzlers again. How soon they forget. Current Fords aren’t any part of Mazda.

  • DCW16

    Ranger’s last year was 2009 as was Marda’s B pickup.

    The Mazda 3 continued with its Ford shared components till about 3 years ago. The Fiesta & the first gen Marda 2 did the same.

    My son’s 2011 Marda 3 had many Ford components, including the engine which had FoMoCo cast into the block and a white FL Ford oil filter. If fact Mazda started using the Euro Focus platform before Ford did in North America. Also shared by Volvo 30 . . .

    The NEW Mazda 2 is not related to the Fiesta . . . but the discontinued model was a FIESTA.

    “Current Fords aren’t any part of Mazda.” . . . Exactly what I SAID . . . Mazda’s since 2013 have little or NO Ford content.

    “Cars are built at a Ford plant in Hermosillo, Mexico or that the tollbooth lineup of the Mazda 3, Volvo S40, Volvo C30, and the upcoming Ford Focus – a string of very distinct cars – all share the same architectural DNA, Ford’s C1 platform. The C1 is a compact class platform, adaptable for front or all-wheel-drive. It will underpin certain Ford, Volvo and Mazda products at least through 2011.”

    “This news comes just after the official North American introduction of the 2011 Ford Fiesta, a vehicle that was developed primarily by Mazda (the Japanese automaker sells its own Mazda2, which also made its debut at the show and will be sold here as a 2011 model).

    “Other current Ford vehicles built on Mazda underpinnings include the Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan, along with the Lincoln MKZ (all based on the Mazda6); Ford and Mazda also share components between the Mazda CX-9 and Ford Edge (and to some degree with the CX-7), while the Volvo C30, Mazda3, and European Ford Focus are closely related. And the Ford Escapeand Mercury Mariner can still trace their original design back to the former Mazda 626 sedan. Engines are also shared; although Mazda and Ford use separate engine production facilities, the ubiquitous 2.5-liter four-cylinder units that are common in both automakers’ U.S. lineups are nearly identical in design.”

    My idea of a small car is a Mustang GT . . . or F350 diesel . . . don’t buy anything smaller. I prefer to live a long life, would never drive a skate board to get 6 or 7 more miles to the gallon.

  • danwat1234

    What about the Toyota Rav4 EV?

  • Bug S Bunny

    I always thought the Crosstour looked much better with bigger wheels – the standard wheels looked out of place. The Mada5 is a minivan; it is NOT minivan-like. The Venza is proof that a stupid, non-sensical name will kill a car; what in hell is a Venza? The LR2 was allowed to go too long without a re-design.

  • Bug S Bunny

    Wrong on both counts. The Mazda2 and Fiesta were designed by Ford and Mazda when Ford owned a third of Mazda, and the Fiesta is certainly NOT a POS.