Toyota S-FR Concept Goes from Cute Sports Car to Angry Race Car


Toyota engineers went to work on the S-FR concept, taking it from a cute sports car to an angry race car. 

Toyota let its GAZOO racing division work its magic on the S-FR, installing big fender flares, hood vents, carbon fiber reinforced plastic canards and large front and rear spoilers. Thanks to all these enhancements, the S-FR Racing Concept sports an angry look that appears ready to terrorize any racetrack.

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The original S-FR concept showed off a little brother to GT86, sitting a full 10-inches shorter than that car.

Toyota still hasn’t announced anything to do with powertrains, beyond saying that the S-FR will be a front-engine, rear-wheel drive sports car with a proper manual transmission.

The S-FR Racing Concept will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon in 2016, a show dedicating to customized cars. The S-FR racing concept will be revealed alongside the Voxy’s G and Noah’s G concept, both of which are souped up minivans.

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  • Aquaflex

    This could work….

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  • Mike M

    This is what you get after a three way between a Porsche, Miata, and S2000.

  • constantine272

    Another car that looks like a fish. I’m not a fan of the large-mouth-bass grill or the cutout headlight shape, or the oversized diffuser, but I mostly like the rear end and definitely like the profile.