Volkswagen November Sales Plummet Due to Diesel Scandal

Volkswagen November Sales Plummet Due to Diesel Scandal

Volkswagen sales dropped nearly 25 percent last month compared to the year before.

The German automaker announced that it sold 23,882 units in November 2015, a noticeable difference compared to last year’s November sales that tallied up 31,725 units sold. The company confirmed that the weak month of sales reflect the impact of the recent stop-sale order on its four-cylinder diesel models as well as the 3.0-liter V6 engine. The company reaffirmed that it is working on a remedy for the TDI vehicles affected by the emissions scandal.

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Leading the way for the brand last month was the Volkswagen Jetta sedan, which sold 11,021 units. Unfortunately, that’s still a sharp drop compared to the year before when Volkswagen sold 14,268 Jetta sedans. Some models posted an increase with the GTI moving 1,963 units compared to 1,725 and the posting its best November yet with 3,907 units sold.

Year-to-date, Volkswagen has sold 318,484 vehicles in the U.S., a 4.33-percent decrease compared to the 332,912 units sold through November 2014.

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