Volvo Plans Hybrid Polestar Performance Cars


The Volvo S90 has just been unveiled and talks of a high-performance Polestar variant have already begun.

Now that Volvo has acquired Polestar, it’s no surprise the Swedish automaker is considering the performance treatment across its model range, which means a S90 Polestar and V90 Polestar are both being developed.

Speaking to Autocar, Volvo CEO Håkan Samuelsson confirmed that Volvo is “looking at using it [Polestar] more on performance cars within the family.” He went on to suggest that future Polestar models would include hybrid models, saying that “one way we are definitely looking at is for Polestar to focus on electrification.”

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Samuelsson’s suggestions were backed by Volvo R&D chief Peter Mertens who pointed to Tesla’s success with legitimizing electric performance. Currently the company’s aim is to “offer high performance without regrets,” and one way of doing that is to take advantage of electric motors.

Although European markets will favor a high-performance wagon over a sedan, Volvo will likely acknowledge that the U.S. market is still ripe for performance sedan models, like the BMW M3 and AMG offerings. Currently the Polestar S60 and V60 are offered in the U.S. but in limited quantities. For the 2016 model year, Volvo is bringing 265 Polestar units to the U.S., noticeably more than the 120 it imported for 2015.

[Source: Autocar]

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  • Jeff T

    IMO kind of stupid. Not everyone wants that in a car and competing with such well established brands is stupid. It would cost so much money just to keep up up to the big three euro brands even if they could. Learn from Jaguar, and try to compete with the vision of the new lincoin Continental.