VW Says CO2 Issue Much Smaller Than Expected

VW Says CO2 Issue Much Smaller Than Expected

Volkswagen has announced that its issue with illegal CO2 emissions is much smaller than originally anticipated. 

Originally, the brand said that an internal investigation had uncovered inconsistencies in the carbon dioxide emissions of about 800,000 vehicles, but on Wednesday VW announced that “almost all of these model variants do correspond to the CO2 figures originally determined.”

“The suspicion that the fuel consumption figures of current production vehicles had been unlawfully changed was not confirmed,” said VW. “During internal remeasurements slight deviations were found on just nine model variants of the Volkswagen brand.”

Those nine models are the Polo, Scirocco, Jetta 1.2L, Jetta 2.0L, Golf Convertible, Golf, Passat Alltrack, Passat Variant 2.0L and Passat Variant 1.4L.

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Production count between these nine specific models equals roughly 36,000 vehicles, or just 0.5 percent of VW’s volume. These nine models will be retested by a neutral technical service sometime before Christmas, to make sure that they comply with regulations. So far, the deviations found in these nine models amounts to a few grams of CO2.

This announcement does not apply to the U.S. or Canada, where emissions regulations are different than in Europe.

Volkswagen also said that the 2 billion euros it had earmarked to fix the 800,000 flawed cars is no longer needed, though a small portion of it will have to go to fixing these nine models, if they are found to be illegal after the retest.

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