Watch Jay Leno Drive Darth Vader’s Car

Watch Jay Leno Drive Darth Vader’s Car

Hot Wheels has made a fully-functioning car shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet as part of its collaboration with Lucasfilm in celebration for the new Star Wars: A Force Awakens.

There’s a die-cast model of the custom car available in Hot Wheels form, but To show off the real deal, Hot Wheels paid Jay Leno’s Garage a visit, putting the famous car enthusiast behind the wheel of the custom Chevrolet Corvette turned dark side. Not only does the car look like the movie franchise’s famous villain, it boasts props from the original movies as well, including Vader’s own lightsaber hilt.

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Although it’s underpinned by the same guts found in a sixth-generation Corvette, everything beyond the frame is built custom from the ground up. The canopy of the vehicle rises up similar to how Vader’s helmet comes off and the steering wheel is actually a yoke. There’s even a separate handbrake that locks up just the rear wheels. For the Star Wars junkie, you’ll get to enjoy that the custom car even makes Vader’s breathing noises while sitting idle in the garage.

Get a more detailed look at Darth Vader’s car by watching the video below.

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