2017 Ford Fusion Fully Revealed in Latest Spy Photos


You won’t have to wait until next week to see the updated 2017 Ford Fusion in its full glory.

Caught on camera by spy photographers ahead of its official reveal at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, the redesigned Ford Fusion was heading to the American automaker’s test track in Dearborn but got caught up at a stoplight, allowing the cameras to give us a good look at the updated sedan. Gone is the Aston Martin-inspired front grille, replaced by a new, angular-shaped piece. The headlights have also been changed, giving it a slightly more upscale appearance, thanks to some nice detailing inside.

The front bumper is also sportier and more aggressive compared to the outgoing model and features new LED fog lights, while the bottom grille gets a new mesh design.

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In the rear, the tail lights get a minor redesign, but it appears that the majority of the 2017 Ford Fusion’s changes will be up front. We will get more details on whether Ford updated what lurks under the hood of the Fusion as well as interior changes when the car officially debuts next week in Detroit.

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  • Frank Yoster

    So no difference-. Thanks..next

  • Snake

    Am driving my second Fusion, had a 08 SEL and a 13 Escape SE and now a 2016 Fusion S, with the 4 banger and A/T. The 08 was the best one. Only went to the shop Twice in 118,000 miles. The Escape was a nice little car, but was a DOG, constant recalls, constantly in the shop for all sorts of problems, had a complete engine rebuild in 20k miles and more problems. The new 2013 Fusion is Fords answer to the ratty Escape, they gave me more for the escape than it was worth, knocked off $6k from the sticker and a rebate and family/friends discount. I am now driving a new car with a smaller payment than the Escape. Cant beat that.
    The Fusion aint no Cadillac, but so far its doing well and awesome gas mileage, 30+.

  • Tom Wolf

    Got rid of the Aston Martin Grill… which was one of the more appealing parts of the car. 🙁