2017 Mercedes E-Class Leaked


The 2017 Mercedes E-Class has leaked ahead of its official debut at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show.

Following in the footsteps of all the recently updated Mercedes models, the 2017 Mercedes E-Class sports all the styling elements found in the new C- and S-Class models. Last month, the German automaker detailed all the technology found in the new interior of the E-Class that includes a wide high-resolution dual display, with each display measuring 12.3 inches. The company has also teased the new Multibeam LED headlights that feature 84 individually-controlled high-performance LEDs.

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Technical details of the 2017 Mercedes E-Class won’t come until closer to its unveiling at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, but expect a wide range of gasoline and diesel engines as well as a plug-in hybrid variant and a diesel model. In the U.S., the E300 model will likely be powered by a four-cylinder engine while the E400 will feature a six-cylinder mill. The E350e will be a plug-in hybrid model while the E250d diesel will live on like the current model.

Stay tuned for more details on the 2017 Mercedes E-Class once the German automaker officially announces it. For now, check out a video detailing the headlights below.

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[Source: Auto-presse.de]

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  • craigcole

    The cabin looks great but that exterior is pretty meh.

  • Frank

    yeah, I liked the sharper lines of the GLK, recent E-class, etc. Seems every other generation they go curvy.

  • Frank

    ….but will it come in a wagon? 🙂 And a 6-cylinder wagon, none of this 4-banger only stuff like with the 3-series wagon.

  • yuri123

    What a surprise (NOT). It looks like a c-class that’s a bit longer.

  • Guy DC

    The concept drawings looked so much more interesting. This is just kinda bleh. Really disappointed.

  • snarky

    really uninspired design. I’ve been driving the e-class since my spouse confiscated my ML550…pretty sick of the e-class style in general…but this thing looks really bland. why not make it more aggressive like just about every other redesign?

  • Shannon Sofield

    Yikes. That E Class design totally misses. Looks like it would be a model just below a C Class. I always felt the E being closer to the S than the C.

  • channelcat

    I thought the diesel was to be a straight 6 in 2017 to replace the underpowered 4. Do we have to switch to BMW or Audi to get an adequately powered diesel?

  • channelcat

    Cannot understand why the company is so enamored with the 1950s Studebaker grill.

  • joecompute

    Love those pleated seats – just like a new Kia!

  • JohnSmith

    I insist on hood mounted star – the grill with the star in the middle is so..well….so ghetto.

  • JohnSmith

    I own a 1993 300E. I thought it would be a stretched 190E with a bigger engine, but it’s really a small S-Class! Drives like a dream, but ten more inches of car is not an asset in a crowded city.

  • JohnSmith

    What happened to the wood trim in the passenger compartment? The upholstery looks too entry level for an expensive car; some with the big star on the grill, which is…well…so ghetto.

  • personnext

    Yes, it will come in wagon.