2017 Toyota Corolla Spied, Will get Mirai-Inspired Look


Toyota plans to facelift the Corolla for the 2017 model year and new spy photos hint at the changes. 

Based on the camouflage, it’s obvious that the grille and taillights are the two main areas that will be changed up. Styling is likely to be influenced by the Mirai fuel-cell sedan and the Toyota Prius, both of which feature angular looks.

Inside, the Corolla is likely to receive an updated infotainment system and some minor styling tweaks.

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The 2017 refresh isn’t likely to affect powertrain options, although there is a chance that a new small Atkinson cycle engine will join the lineup. If that engine doesn’t appear, then expect Toyota to add it when the Corolla is redesigned in 2019.

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  • craigcole

    Toyota Corolla, now 50 percent drowsier for 2017! If you’re on a bland and/or liquid diet this is the car for you!

  • Trey

    I’ve got the 14 model. It’s been a very reliable car. It could use more torque & a much better sound system. I expect Toyota to add apple car play & android auto into the 17 model. Hopefully the sound system will be upgraded to anything premium! In the photos it appears like they’ll update the front led headlights both low & high beams appear to be projector beam. The leds make a huge difference in appearance, night driving & safety. I may jump into this car if they follow through on the infotainment system upgrades. The new civic is another option that’s on my radar.

  • Maddox

    Why do they even bother to cover it up? Its a corolla… Can you hear the crickets?? They made it look more like a prius which is ugly to begin with and then they gave it more wheel gap… Maybe they are prepping the corolla for rally racing? The corolla stopped being exciting ever since it became just ANOTHER BEIGE front wheel drive imported grocery getter. Almost makes me wish the Americans would get their cars right so we don’t have to import this boring nonsense.

  • Bill Dred


  • Ricardo Rodriguez


    I was forced into a new Corolla back in 03 when my car suddenly died. At the time I was saving for a nice sports car but got the Corolla out of necessity. Time and time again that boring little 03 corolla really proved itself. I kept the car up to 250k miles. Car never left me anywhere. I grew to love that boring little car that got me everywhere. I sold the car to a friend who still owns and drives the car daily. Corolla is not going after the Mustang Mercedes market. I like that they are trying to snaz it up because underneath the car really delivers in longevity. I do wish it had a better sound system and more torque and hope to someday see this in an upcoming model but until then my current 13 continues to do what it does best. And that is “Never break down” And there is something to be said about that. I have driven past many stranded Mustangs and Mercedes and while those are some fine looking cars I definitely don’t want those costly repair bills.

  • Maddox

    I won’t argue with you, I still keep my camry because it starts every morning without a hiccup. My problem is that Toyota has lost its touch with the performance class.

  • Honesty Counts

    I’ve seen pics of the nose of the new 2017 redesigned bumper: UGLY, UGLY, UGLY !
    There is no way I’m going to pay money to buy a car that ugly. Toyota would have to PAY ME money to drive an ugly turd like that, and I drive a 2008 Corolla and I love it. Nope, they are going to have a huge loss of sales with a nose that ugly. I’ll get an Impreza for my next new car, at least that car looks normal and has a lower beltline and larger windows than the new Corolla has.