A New Dodge Viper is Possible says CEO


The Viper may have a future ahead of it. 

It was thought that the Dodge Viper would be discontinued at the end of 2017, but FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne says there is a possibility that new a car may surface.

The current Viper does not share its platform with any other car in the brand’s lineup, a setup that “doesn’t make sense to me,” said Marchionne during a press conference at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show. Despite that, the CEO said that “given the architectural development within the brand, there is a possibility that a new version of the Viper may surface.”

Timing for the new car is unclear and even Marchionne doesn’t know if it can be ready in time to replace the current Viper without a gap in production.

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If a new Viper does show up, it may be a totally different car. There’s a decent chance that the car would be built on the Alfa Romeo Giorgio platform which is set to underpin new versions of the Dodge Charger, Challenger, rumored Barracuda and the Alfa Romeo Guilia. If that happens, it’s almost certain that the Viper would move away from its V10 powerplant to something smaller.

It was revealed last year that there was no contract with the auto workers union to build anything at the Connor Avenue Assembly plant, where the Viper is built, beyond 2017.

[Source: Automobile]

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  • smartacus

    new Viper truly needs to embrace the same layout as the AMG GT :
    boosted V8 up front and transmission in the back

  • I agree, and suggest further that they build EXACTLY the same layout, including structure that easily allows for both hardtop and softtop variants, thus preserving some of the primal appeal of the original Viper. (I’m perfectly okay with FCA insulating around the side pipes, though, to prevent people getting burned when entering the vehicle.)

  • craigcole

    Of course the Viper *may* comeback; FCA *could* build a space shuttle replacement, they *might* perfect cold fusion. Anything’s possible.

  • smartacus

    aw man that’s true. Those side pipes get HOT and burned my leg. Thank God i don’t shave em, haha! But a significant other who does shave em would be marked a bit.

  • DMaster Mensionz

    Why is that I read somewhere that their was leaked document of plans for the union to build the new Viper? Hmmm….

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    I like the current styling and I think the car should be redesigned to change to a four motor electric car. With the CAFE standards set to be 55mpg by 2025, FCA needs more electric cars not outmoded dinosaur-fueled ICEs.

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    No the Viper needs to be converted to all electric. Dino-fueled ICEs are so last century. Time to modernize…

  • Mark Marky

    No,the EPA must not be run by anti progress, anti automobile moonbats !

  • Mark Marky

    Electric cars are older technology than a gas powered car, so modernize would be a gas powered vehicle !

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    Well Marky Mark then you should write your Congresscritters and tell them to make the EPA stop enforcing its CAFE standards. Unless your post is sarcasm and snark?

  • yellowdogdemocrat

    More snark, Marky Mark?