Acura Precision Concept Looks Even Hotter Than the NSX


Acura has been stuck on the luxury sidelines. With the exception of its new NSX supercar, there’s just not a lot to get excited about. And then it unveils one of the biggest shockers of this year’s Detroit Auto Show, this stunning Precision Concept that previews how the brand’s design might look like in the future.

Styled in the company’s California design studio, this arresting four-door clearly demonstrates the bolder, more distinctive direction this company is heading. It’s got a low and wide stance with a long dash-to-axle ratio and deeply sculpted rear fenders.

This shimmering red concept rolls along on 22-inch wheels that are wrapped in gummy Michelin Pilot Super Sport summer tires, perhaps a poor choice for a January trip to snowy Detroit, but whatever, they look cool! Likewise, it lacks a B-pillar, something else that gives this four-door an even sportier appearance.

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Up front are so-called “Jewel Constellation” LED headlamps, though they do look like other Acura lights that are on the market today. But this design study’s signature feature is a brand-new styling element called the Diamond Pentagon grille, a broad, sharply pointed opening that frames what has to be the largest Acura badge short of a dealership’s signage.

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Inside, this vehicle features a curved center screen that’s controlled by a touchpad on its cantilevered center stack. Thin, “floating” rear seats, speaker grilles rendered in exotic wood an expressive surfacing are hallmarks of its cabin, and hopefully foreshadow what’s coming to future production models.

The Acura Precision concept is a handsome hint at what this company is developing. And according to Dave Marek, the brand’s global creative director, this vehicle is not just a design study but something that will shape the look of all future Acura products and that, like the NSX, is something to get excited about.

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  • But is it the Acura Gotham deserves?…I mean the world deserves?

  • Bruce Schneider

    Acura did a great job of using Mazda’s design language on this car.

  • Virnin

    So park it next to the Buick Avista and play “try to spot the difference”

  • zoomzoomjeff

    Using, copying. What’s the difference?

  • concerned

    With either of these cars the front end is just waiting for someone to back into it and destroy it. They will take some planning to make sure that they are parked so that they cannot be backed into. With no bumper front or rear I would really worry about that sort of damage since so many park by sound. Both look like exciting cars.