Editors Pick Their Favorite Cars from the Detroit Auto Show Editors Pick Their Favorite Cars from the Detroit Auto Show

The media days at the Detroit Auto Show were busy as always. There were a few standout debuts, well-kept secrets and cool concepts, but our editors are split on which cars they like the best.

Here are their picks for their personal favorite cars at this year’s show. And don’t miss our video at the end of this post!

Steve Elmer, News Editor – Nissan Titan Warrior Concept

Nissan Titan Warrior Concept

I know, it’s just a concept, and odds are that it may never see production, but the Titan Warrior Concept is a wicked looking off-road truck and is my pick of the show. A 3-inch lift, big-ass tires and custom suspension promise to make this rig a ton of fun when the pavement ends. But really, it’s those new headlights, flared fenders and orange and black accents that make this Warrior stand out on the battlefield. Plus a brawny 5.0-liter diesel with loads of torque will help you climb just about anything. Come on Nissan. Build it!

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Mike Schee, Road Test Editor – Buick Avista/Volvo S90

2017 Volvo S90

Normally I would have picked the Buick Avista because it’s a badass coupe with a turbocharged V6 powering the rear wheels. But I’m a dad now and my practical, responsible inner Mike can’t stop looking at this Volvo S90. Great looking, spacious, luxurious and full of safety technology, this car would be an amazing high-end family cruiser. And it has the twin-charged engine, which goes along with my philosophy that we should twin-charge all the things.

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Jodi Lai, Managing Editor – BMW M2

2016 BMW M2-4_edited-1

New BMWs don’t really do it for me, but I love this M2 so much because it’s a throwback to the brand’s glory days when they made uncomplicated and fun performance cars. This car seems like it will be amazing fun to drive because it’s light, got a turbo six-cylinder engine, 50/50 weight distribution and, best of all, a manual transmission.

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Craig Cole, Associate Editor – Chrysler Pacifica


Predictably, all of my colleagues picked flashy, over-the-top vehicles, but my choice is much better for several reasons. Instead of gratuitous horsepower and superfluous styling, it’s graced with a roomy cabin and friendly features. My favorite reveal at this year’s Detroit auto show is the all-new Chrysler Pacifica, their curiously named replacement for the Town & Country minivan. 

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Colum Wood, Director of Everything – Acura Precision Concept

Acura Precision Concept

The Acura RLX isn’t a bad car, it just looks bad. But could Honda’s luxury division really be preparing to build sexy sedans? This new concept car suggests the answer is hell yeah!

Acura tried designing provocative sedans once, and it backfired. Well, they’re at it again, and this time they’ve decided to go full beak! And I think it’s stunning.

There’s no word on if Acura will actually build this car, or if it’s just a larger piece to preview the designs of all new Acura sedans. Either way, I hope we see something like this on the road soon.

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Sami Haj-Assaad, Features Editor – Infiniti Q60 Coupe

Infiniti Q60

The gorgeous Infiniti Q60 Coupe is the car that really stole the show for me here in Detroit. Not only is it gorgeous, but it also sports a turbocharged V6 engine that sends 400 horsepower to the rear wheels, making this luxury coupe truly sporty. Finally, once you step inside this premium coupe, you’ll never want to leave. I can truly see myself driving this thing, and that’s really what makes this the car of the show for me.

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