BMWs Will Soon be Able to Make Restaurant Reservations for You

BMWs Will Soon be Able to Make Restaurant Reservations for You

BMW is rolling out a new system that will help you find the best restaurants in town. 

This digital helper will be able to locate restaurants nearby that have empty tables, book seats and then route you there the fastest way possible. This cloud-based BMW Connected service will also include applications for operating other services, such as remote-control home heating.

BMW is trying to push back against Apple and Google, two technology giants who are trying to take over the dashboard electronics in cars everywhere. The new BMW Connected services will be available to all cars with the ConnectedDrive electronics system already installed.

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“We have the right assets to survive in this game,” said Dieter May, head of BMW’s digital services. “We don’t know how it’ll end. I think no one knew five years ago how the smartphone game would end.” BMW is already in talks with other suppliers of content and information, such as weather forecasters, to be part of the new BMW Connected setup.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • smartacus

    This makes a lot of sense.
    Not just because BMW co-owns Here maps, but because this will serve as an option for buyers who disapprove of both Apple and Google.