Buick’s Stunning New Concept Car Looks Even Better as a Convertible


Buick’s new Avista concept is great looking, and it looks even better without a fixed roof. 

These renderings of the Avista Convertible show off what the car would look like if it lost its roof. Seeing as the Avista is essentially a Camaro underneath with some sexy new bodywork, the prospect of it becoming a convertible is realistic, although the odds the car will ever actually  be built are stacked against it.

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Power is said to come from a 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6 good for 400 horsepower, sending all of its juice to the rear wheels.

The concept sits on a 110.7-inch wheelbase and is fitted with 21-inch wheels. Inside is a Superior Blue interior contrasted by Mist Gray leather seating inserts. Exposed carbon fiber and aluminum trim highlight the interior, which Buick says conveys “elegance through simplicity.”

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  • Paw

    Dumb ass idea. Why build this when the future is electric? Electrify this and it might have a chance.