Chris Evans has Already Considered Quitting Top Gear

Chris Evans has Already Considered Quitting Top Gear

It’s sounding more and more like the new Top Gear is off to a rough start.

Last week, reports surfaced that new host Chris Evans got car sick during a lap in an Audi R8 in California while professional driver and co-host Sabine Schmitz was behind the wheel. Now, it is being reported that Evans has become so frustrated with BBC executives interfering with the show that he has considered quitting. Sources say that Evans has been “driven to distraction” because BBC2 controller Kim Shillinglaw’s “micro-management” of the show and reluctance to give him the same free reign that ex-host Jeremy Clarkson had.

Evans also reportedly has had numerous heated run-ins with BBC executives leaving him “drained and disheartened” and feeling that the executives have a lack of faith in his decision making.

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It appears that problems began after Evans’ friend Lisa Clark quit after five months as executive producer. No official reason for Clark’s departure has been given, but one source claims that Clark quit because she was fed up at being “micro-managed” and having production decision questions from higher ups.

Things might not all be bad moving forward now, since Shillinglaw unexpectedly left BBC last week. New controller of TV channels Charlotte Moore is now in overall charge of Top Gear and it is reported that Evans has a “good professional relationship” with her. One of Moore’s priorities is to meet with Evans to assure that he will be left alone to make the best possible program.

[Source: Mirror UK]

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  • Mark S

    Take the Clarkson, Wilman approach, – basically listen to the BBC bosses, drink their tea and eat their biscuits, but go away and ignore everything they have said and make the show you want to make, say the things you want to say. If they fire u, you are rich already and you can claim the Beeb got it wrong again.

  • Osama Bin Hidin


  • Moveover Andbark

    Old show overrated for car enthusiasts, new show should focus on cars and not guys picking at each other. Chris Evans OUT, Tiff Needell IN!!!!!

  • Mark S

    Thing is there are plenty of car review shows out there. Top Gear was just that up (the William Woollard days) until 2001 when Wilman and Clarkson took over. Top Gear manages to combine a car show with entertainment and hence gets appeal beyond car nerds (i.e. us, who comment on sites like this). I love watching 5th Gear, the old episodes of Plato and Needles one upping each other are hilarious, but do not think Tiff is the right person for TG. I really was hoping that Rowan Atkinson was going to have a crack, out of character, he is has serious dry wit and capable of serious zingers plus can drive.