Sergio Marchionne Calls Chrysler 200 Designers ‘Dummies’

Sergio Marchionne Calls Chrysler 200 Designers ‘Dummies’

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) CEO Sergio Marchionne isn’t one to sugarcoat words.

Speaking at the 2016 Detroit Auto Show, Marchionne spoke about why the Chrysler 200 hasn’t received a recommendation from Consumer Reports. According to Marchionne, the main issue is the sedan’s rear-seat entry point, admitting that it’s the fault of the American automaker’s and that it “is not up to snuff.” He elaborated, explaining how the slope of the roof crimps the entry portal, saying that the company copied a Hyundai model, likely the Sonata, which has the same problem.

“We didn’t copy the car, we copied the entry point to the rear seat,” he said. “Dummies. I acknowledge it. Some people from design left some of their private parts on the table after we came up with that determination. But I think we’re learning from this process.”

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The new Chrysler 200 competes in the same segment as popular models like the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. In Consumer Reports‘ Quick Drive of the model, the publication noted how passengers have to duck to get inside while rear seat room takes a hit. It also called the interior stylish and found the exterior attractive.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • craigcole

    OUCH! That’s harsh, but unusually frank, I’ll give him props for that.

  • Donald Jacks

    i like the car would love to try the V6. the 4 cylinder is to loud

  • thedad

    Wow that is too funny. The italian Bob Lutz

  • Yoo Jastle

    Dear Sergio: One or some of your handpicked managers ok’d the design. See how business works, Sergio? The dummy stops with your stupid ass.

  • donald williams

    much like the dart

  • donald williams

    if you make the entry point higher than you have a full size sedan or a station wagon or what is nowadays called an SUV

  • PSU72lec

    Not really, what you would have is an Accord or Camry

  • V8Supercar1

    Exactly. You would end up with a less attractive car.

  • Talha

    This guy is butt hurt how everyone else destroyed them

  • Paul

    ??Which of their parts got left on the table?? Wow that was harsh.

  • JimmyV

    You’re saying that this car is MORE attractive than new Accord?
    You’re dreaming!
    As for his comments, nothing to get bent on…he said “we copied the entry point…” He includes himself in that comment. Maybe if more top guys spoke out like him, American cars wouldn’t be so crappy!

  • JimmyV

    Only decent vehicles coming out of US is the Cadillac line

  • V8Supercar1

    Looks are just an opinion. Im not disagreeing with what Sergio said. I just don’t think what he is complaining about is a big deal. So what if you have to duck your head a little to get into the back seat? Its not like you have to ride hunched over back there. “Only decent vehicles coming out of US is the Cadillac line” I have to disagree with that. The Ford Fusion and Ford Focus are good cars. The new Chevy Malibu has stepped up its offerings and the Dodge Dart is a good smaller car. When that car came out in 2013 it had more options than any car is its class.

  • Fiend4Mojitos

    This from a guy whose company’s name (FIAT) is an acronym for F ix I t A gain T ony.

  • Steve-O

    Chrysler hasn’t made even a half decent car or truck in yrs. Its not a big secrete amongst the gear heads that they make absolute garbage these days. Mopar used to mean smtg, they made strong mean fantastic cars. Now they only sell at all because they are cheap to buy. Dealers knock off al kinds of money to get em out the door. I have a friend who manages a big name chain car rental place, he calls the Chrysler 2/300s the one way cars. When someone is renting to travel far and not returning the car to his particular store he says they always talk them into taking a Chrysler to get rid of them. And that’s no joke. Even the Jeep division is building garbage these days it’s sad. Both people I personally know who recently bought Grand Cherokees have had nothing but problems. Junk, they build junk you all know it. They need serious help in every aspect of auto manufacturing…

  • Astyanax

    I have a 2014 Cadillac XTS and I’ve banged my head getting in the back of it too for the same reason.

  • steveinglendale

    Yup. I like that. Maybe there’s hope for FCA, yet.

  • FIAT was rated the worst auto manufacture…Just saying! lol! I drive a VW R-Line Beetle and FNA…I love it!

  • Kinda funny……Chrysler and Jeep were on top 10 worst list as well.

  • CharlieFromMass

    I found the duck-in on the front doors to be ridiculous.

    Once inside, it was a nice, roomy car, but the entry/exit is silly. I’d rather a 2006-14 Sebring/200 that I can navigate, although with the right offer, I’d consider a new 200, too.

  • 200 is far more attractive than Accord. Honda has solid driving dynamics, but the car is a homely BMW rip off.
    200 & Mazda 6 ate by far the most attractive in the segment.

  • GM now ranks higher than Honda, Nissan and VW on JD Power. Buick is the highest quality American Brand.
    Think for yourself as we aren’t living in the 1990s anymore!

  • Camry is horrible–poor handling and overly-sensitive banking. Ugly, too! Mazda and Subaru are the only real Japanese contenders.