Ferrari California T Now Hotter with ‘Handling Speciale’ Package

The Ferrari California T is getting hotter, thanks to a new Handling Speciale Package.

The Italian automaker will show off the new package at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, and, like the name suggests, it focuses on enhancing the handling capabilities of the stylish exotic. For starters, the springs are now 16 percent stiffer up front and 19 percent stiffer in the rear when the vehicle is in Sport mode. Ferrari claims that the stiffer springs only marginally reduce ride comfort. The dampers have also been changed to increase their response time to changing road conditions.

The transmission logic has been revamped so that shifts are faster in both automatic and manual Sport modes and the F1-Trac stability control system has been tweaked for additional corner exit speed and acceleration on bumpy surfaces.

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There are some changes to the exterior as well, with the Ferrari California T getting a matte grille, a rear diffuser with matte-painted fences and matte black exhaust tips. Inside is a special edition plaque to designate the Handling Speciale package.

Lastly, Ferrari also recalibrated the exhaust note “to underline the performance gains,” as the company says. In other words, the sportier exhaust note is to remind you that you paid extra for the package to improve the vehicle’s handling since performance stays the same at 553 horsepower and 557 pound-feet of torque.

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