Ford Squashes Dreams by Saying the Fiesta RS is Not Happening

Ford Squashes Dreams by Saying the Fiesta RS is Not Happening

If you were looking forward to a hardcore Ford Fiesta RS, we have some bad news for you.

In a recent interview, product communications director for Ford of Europe, Jay Ward, confirmed that the American automaker is not working on a Fiesta RS model. Ward’s exact words were, “we can say categorically we are not working on a Fiesta RS at this time. Where that speculation came from, no one quite knows, but at no point was it fed by us. I totally get the enthusiasm for it – I mean, wouldn’t it be great? – but right now it’s not [happening].”

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So for now, it appears that one of the Ford Performance models the company plans on introducing won’t be a Fiesta RS, although it’s still a possibility, since the automaker wants to launch a dozen new vehicles by 2020. If it does eventually become a reality, expect it not to happen until closer to the end of the decade. At least we have the Ford Focus RS to satisfy our hunger for hot hatches for the time being.

[Source: CarThrottle]

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  • smartacus

    no Fiesta RS???
    whojtalkinbout Willis?
    Maybe the rumors circulating pertain to the next gen Fiesta ST?
    250HP from a FORD 1.6T is certainly not out of the question

  • Bug S Bunny

    Good point. Since the rumors had declared that a Fiesta RS would not have AWD, it would make complete sense to bump the 1.6T to 250hp, and still call it an ST.