Ford Focus Door Latches Under NHTSA Investigation

Ford Focus Door Latches Under NHTSA Investigation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is launching an investigation into alleged faulty door latches on 2012 and 2013 Ford Focus sedans and hatchbacks.

According to the agency, 73 drivers have reported issues with the door latches while the car was both stationary and moving. One driver in the San Antonio area reported that their driver’s door flew open while on the move, while another complaint alleged that an injury was sustained when a door bounced back at the person who shut it.

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The driver of the car in San Antonio told NHTSA that Ford is aware of the failure, but told him or her that a recall wouldn’t be conducted.

Last year, 456,000 Lincoln MKZs along with Ford Fusions and Fiestas were recalled for door latch issues as the result of a NHTSA investigation.

If a pattern is found by NHTSA’s staff, they can force Ford to conduct a recall.

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    Spray a little white silicone grease on the latch, people. A person is responsible to maintain their car.