Hardcore Porsche 911 R Rumored to Debut in March

Porsche will bring a new hardcore version of the 911 to the Geneva Motor Show in the beginning of March. 

The Porsche 911 R will be a limited production model with rumors saying that only 600 will be built. A set of spy photos (seen above) have already proven that the car is on its way.

Essentially, the 911 R will be a stripped down version of the latest GT3, which means it will use a naturally aspirated engine, unlike every other new 911 which use turbochargers. It could use a 3.8-liter or 4.0-liter flat six-cylinder engine, with power output rumored to sit around 500 hp.

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Unlike the GT3 RS though, this car will exclusively use a six-speed manual transmission to please driving purists. Porsche wants the car to bridge the gap between the road-focused 911 GTS and the speed demon 911 Turbo.

No large rear wing is expected on the car, though it will feature significant aerodynamic improvements. Carbon ceramic brakes and 20-inch wheels are also said to be on offer.

The result of all this should be GT3 RS levels of power with slightly less grip and aerodynamic downforce.

Pricing for the 911R is said to be around $400,000, while its limited availability should make it highly desirable.

[Source: Motoring.au]

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