Your Best Preview of What the 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO Will Look Like

Your Best Preview of What the 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO Will Look Like

We can now offer a preview of what the 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO will look like.

After reporting the changes to the standard 2017 Nissan GT-R, user MC from‘s forum GTRLife has now offered a render for the changes to the hardcore 2017 Nissan GT-R NISMO sports car. As noted before, the GT-R NISMO won’t see the same front-end changes as the standard model, but it will be updated to incorporate the Japanese automaker’s “V Motion” grille. Aesthetically, changes to the NISMO model will be more mild than the regular GT-R, but the modifications are inherited from the GT3 race car.

The front slip will get more aggressive with shark-finned aero splitters at its edges, and just like the GT3 counterpart, the lip will roll upward in the center. The brake ducts will also be moved from being embedded in the actual lip to where the bumper and lip meet one another.

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The biggest change will be to the grille openings on the front end that adds more character to the car. The daytime-running lights (DRLs) will stay in their current spot, but the front bumper will gain slightly raised aero bumps just underneath the DRLs.

Expect the sides and the rear of the GT-R NISMO to remain unchanged for the 2017 model year, while the interior will receive the same technology upgrades as the standard GT-R model, including an updated infotainment interface.

[Source: GTRLife]

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