Hyundai Just Patented a Foldable Car


Hyundai has filed a patent for a foldable vehicle and it sounds as crazy as you think.

The patent was published early on Thursday but was originally filed in late 2014. According to the patent filing, the foldable vehicle would have a front floor coupled with the front wheels and a rear floor coupled with rear wheels, allowing the wheelbase to increase or decrease by having the floors slide over and under each other.

In addition, a windshield part hinged to the front floor would have the capability to turn forward or backward while a rear cabin part hinged to the floor can turn forward or backward as well. The roof could also be configured to be stowed inside the vehicle when the windshield part and the rear cabin part are folded inward.

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There’s certainly interesting uses for the patent, allowing a car to become even more compact simply by shrinking its wheelbase. It all makes better sense if you just check out the animated .gif we created below, that shows the patent diagrams in action.


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  • Bug S Bunny

    Crash it hard enough and ANY car will fold. 😉