Hyundai’s N Division to Build BMW M4-Fighting Genesis G70 Coupe

Hyundai’s N Division to Build BMW M4-Fighting Genesis G70 Coupe

Hyundai’s newly formed Genesis luxury brand is gearing up to become a world-class sports car manufacturer thanks to the new N performance division. 

Recently, Genesis hired Albert Biermann, the former chief engineer of the BMW M division, to become the head of the Korean brand’s new N performance tuning arm. Biermann and his cohorts will first focus on a hot-hatch N version of the i30, after which they will begin working on a high performance N version of the Genesis G70 Coupe to take the fight directly to the BMW M4.

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By 2020, Genesis plans to have six models, with the new G70 being the smallest in the sedan lineup underneath the G80 and recently revealed G90 (seen above).

The G70 Coupe will be a “whole new animal” according to Biermann, as it sits on an entirely new platform. “This will be more on the sporty side already in the normal version, so you [can] expect [a] really nice-handling car…That platform is good for a lot of power,” said Biermann.

Under the hood, the new 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 will likely provide motivation, though it should be tuned for considerably higher output than the 365 horsepower it makes in the G80. Somewhere around the M4’s 425 hp is expected.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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  • smartacus

    Hyundai hiring the chief engineer at BMW M was a boon.
    This has the potential to be a game changer
    *or that overused cliché “disruptor”


    i hope this car is awd. i have a 13 gen coupe and am looking to upgrade to this., still though. it better not be a 60k car, im expecting a 30-40k coupe here.

  • Mark S

    Was hoping they would use Lotus for helping with the handling again….heck why not buy out Lotus from Proton.